In one of the greatest movies of all time (in my opinion), The Wizard of Oz, the group of misfits were told to follow a “yellow brick road” in order to find and meet a “wizard” who could help them find their hearts desire (i.e. heart, courage, brain and getting HOME). The YBR always held a unique fascination for me. Most would liken the road as one paved with gold. A striking whimsical color that really defined their journey.

As long as the heroes stayed the course, they would end up in the “emerald city”. I have used this analogy when teaching subs how to overcome adversity and obstacles. The Yellow Brick Road does not have to be a physical place. It is a mental compass that can guide you through any distraction or calamity that may threaten to derail your own personal journey.

That Yellow Brick Road is elusive.

One cannot know the path they should take until they are placed upon it. Just like Glenda did for Dorothy, a Master/Mentor can do for a submissive. However, the major difference between the movie and real life is that the only wicked witch that you would come across would likely be your own insecurities and baggage.

So how does one find their Yellow Brick Road?

Before you answer that question, ponder a more important one… do you even want to?