A simple statement yet it can mean different things to different people.  Do you believe that Blacks are superior?  And if so, why?  Did you research this or is it a Truth you’ve always felt your entire life?

Does your devotion to worship focus primarily on the symbolism of Our manhood or does it go much deeper than the physical?

What do you ultimately want for yourself beyond being in the presence of a Black dominant male?

True devotion to recognizing your own Truth requires an answer to the above questions.  Sex bonds us together as giving up control of your body for the pleasure of another is the physical form of submission.

But once We have been sated and satisfied sexually, what else is there?  Do you even want anything more than the sexual gratification that comes from being used?

Those who follow this blog, I want to hear from you.  Share your thoughts on this topic.

Remember… there are no right or wrong answers. Just honest ones.