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As stated in my recent post, Do You Know The Sense Of All This, I have decided to create a music video using spliced footage of police officers displaying unnecessary and/or deadly violence against Blacks. This will be set to the track “The Sense Of All This”.


I am seeking individual(s) with some experience or know-how on video production. The project will be simple involving cutting and splicing scenes from videos already available online (fair use) and setting it to the music track.

Those accepted for the project will receive a copy of the full-length mp3. You will be allowed to edit the track, if necessary.

There are plenty of free video editing software out there but the most popular and easy to use seems to be Windows Movie Maker 2012 (part of the Windows Essentials 2012 pack).  I have used this to create YouTube videos in the past.  You can Google it to download a copy.


If you are interested in helping on this project (or any future related projects) , please complete the form below or click here.

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