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The accomplishments of Black men and women have historically been ignored or overlooked.  This page focuses solely on current news that is relevant to the Black community… locally and globally.


#BankBlack | Investing in Black-Owned Institutions

Not even a day passed after posting about Citizens Trust Bank that I received praise and questions about why I did not bring light to the various other Black-Owned Financial Institutions.…

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Overwhelming Response to a Young Boy’s Heartfelt Plea for a Family

15-year-old Davion Navar Henry stood up and asked for a family and 10,000 people replied. Another young black man inspires the world. Davion appears on The View Posts You…

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White supremacist takes DNA test, finds out he’s part black

By Matt PearceNovember 12, 2013, 11:39 a.m. Well, that's awkward: A white supremacist who made headlines worldwide for plotting to take over a town in North Dakota received the results of…

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Sierra Leone Quarantines 2 Million to Fight Ebola

CLARENCE ROY-MACAULAY, Associated Press FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — Sierra Leone on Thursday took the dramatic step of sealing off districts where more than 1 million people live as it…

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Kenya boy, 13, gains fame for protecting livestock from lions

Kenya boy, 13, gains fame for protecting livestock from lions. Richard Turere, 13, had reason to despise lions while growing up with his family on a ranch in Kenya: The…

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Former Racist Reveals Why Some White People Fear Blacks

Former Racist Reveals Why Some White People Fear African Americans A man gives his account on race relations in America.  Other Posts You May Like:Re: ServiceThe History Of Lynching In…

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2012 Election Results

2012 Presidential Election Barack Obama (D) 303 Electoral Votes 60,652,149 Popular Votes Mitt Romney (R) 206 Electoral Votes 57,810,390 Popular Votes America has spoken. This country wants to move FORWARD.…

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Justice for Keith Warren

  The Family of 19-Year Old Keith Warren Found Hung on a Tree 29 Years Ago in 1986 Seeks to Have Case Re-Opened Keith Warren of Montgomery County, Maryland was…

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Yet another reason America made the CORRECT choice.

10-year-old with same-sex parents finds pen pal in President Obama – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs.Other Posts You May Like:Obama Tears Up While Addressing Campaign Staff2012 Election ResultsBlack History…

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