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Welcome to the BSU presentation of Black History 101.  I am a big believer in the importance of acknowledging African-American history and achievements every day.

We pay homage those who are here now and who came before that paved the way for all of us to enjoy the freedoms they struggled, suffered and/or died for.  Black History Month is meant to be a reminder to acknowledge the American Black People for all they have done to build this country.  However, Black History is something that requires reverence more than the 28 or 29 days out of the year.

Black History 101 : Latest Posts

Black History Series | Peter Salem

Black History Series | Peter Salem Peter Salem was born a slave to Jeremiah Belknap at Framingtham, Massachusetts about 1750.   Belknap sold Salem to Lawson Buckminister some time before the…

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Black History Series | Hiram Revels

Black History Series | Hiram Revels Hiram Rhodes Revels was born on September 1, 1822 in Fayetteville, North Carolina and died on January 16, 1901 in Aberdeen, Mississippi. He was…

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Black History Series | Wentworth Cheswell

Black History Series | Wentworth Cheswell (also spelled Cheswill) Wentworth Cheswell was the grandson of black slave, Richard Cheswell, who gained his freedom in 1717 and became the first black…

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Black History 101 : African Holocaust

Maafa | African Holocaust I

AFRICAN HOLOCAUST (Part 1) ( ‘Alik Shahadah) NOT JUST HISTORY, BUT LEGACY The word ”’Maafa”’ (also known as the African Holocaust) is derived from a Kiswahili word meaning disaster, terrible occurrence…

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Maafa | African Holocaust II

AFRICAN HOLOCAUST (Part 2) ( ‘Alik Shahadah) RACE AND SLAVERY No one traveled all the way into the Congo Basin to procure Africans because of some deep hatred of African people.…

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Maafa | African Holocaust III

AFRICAN HOLOCAUST (Part 3) ( ‘Alik Shahadah) COMPANIES WHO PROFITED FROM SLAVERY Investment banks Brown Bros. Harriman and Lehman Bros. Railroads Norfolk Southern, CSX, Union Pacific and Canadian National. Textile maker…

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The History Of Lynching In America

I have always noted that Americans tend to dilute the true horror that was the African American Holocaust.  Lynchings were commonplace.  The average Black person lived in constant fear of…

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter I was recently having an in depth conversation with a few submissives and another Dominant over their views on what #BLM stands for and the progress (negative…

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Do You Know The Sense Of All This?

Do You Know The Sense Of All This? If you are a Black American, you know about the African American Holocaust.  The systematic killings.  Police brutality authorized by the republican…

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Black History 101 : Archival Posts

Black History Series | Booker Wright

Legacy of Booker Wright, waiter murdered after speaking out on ‘whites only’ restaurant in Mississippi

The Black Holocaust (Part 3)

Presented by the Ebony News Channel, the African Holocaust was real and still continues today. Just turn on your TV or read the latest headlines. Open your eyes. NOTE: If…

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Black History Series | Hidden Figures

Black History Series | Hidden Figures As we kick off Black History Month, I want EVERYONE to go see Hidden Figures starring Octavia Spencer, Taraji Henson and Janelle Monae (who…

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