Black Sovereign University

The University (BSU) is an educational program initiative formerly known as Black Sovereign 101.

BSU started as a series of training classes focused on teaching the basics of submission and Black domination to pupils who needed basic training that their Dominant counterparts preferred come from an experienced and most importantly, patient instructor.

Information is only free when sharing it has a purpose.

Some of the principles that were taught are covered in many of the postings you can view for free.  For topics that are not covered, consider looking into the mentoring and training opportunities that are offered.  Or participating in any of the Black Sovereign Network discussion groups hosted on FetLife and social media including the self-study posts available here.

Black History

In order to serve, you have to learn.  Our history teaches you that we are more than our skin color.

Black News

Show your loyalty to Black culture by staying up to date on events that affect Our community.

BSU Mentorship

Need a guiding influence in your life?  Consider this alternative until you find a more permanent assignment.

Conference Room

This Conference room is for Clients and Subscribers.  Refer to the Calendar below for any upcoming sessions.


There is a wealth of knowledge that has been freely shared.  It would be in your best interest to utilize it.

Preliminary Testing

Take the Submission 101 Preliminary Course and Quiz.  Test your natural submissive skills.  The Quiz portion is currently unavailable.


Articles relevant to all categories within Black Sovereign University.

History 101

Articles about popular and hidden figures in Our History.


Articles about the less talked about Black American Holocaust.

Dom 100

Articles about my views on being a Dominant in our Community.

Sub 100

Articles about becoming a new submissive in our community.

Sub 101

Articles about being a proper submissive in our community.

If you have any questions or wish to contact Black Sovereign...

Skype or Email

If seeking to chat with Black Sovereign on Skype, send a message to “Blacksovereign” stating why you are requesting to be added as a contact.  If you have a general inquiry,  please click the button below to leave a message.