The Standard Identity

Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes a Dominant or submissive identity. Life is confusing enough. The definition should always be standard, therefore straightforward and simple.

If you feel inclined to submit… then submit.
If you feel inclined to dominate… then dominate.
There should be no gray area or exceptions that need to be discussed.

It’s a simple, singular focus.  The standard that primarily defines.

I am a Dominant.

I am a submissive.

In this era of all-inclusiveness and new labels, I can understand how people easily get confused. Too many variables equals too many obstacles. Conforming to one standard that has been around since the beginning of civilization is the true test of finding ones place in this world.

Any other variables will fall into place on its own… in its own time.  Under the primary standard you identify yourself as.

That’s the true benefit of knowing who you are.  No conflict or confusion about ones intentions.


Are there exceptions?  Of course, there are.  But those variables should find their own place within your primary role.

Not everything can be summed up under one label.  However, our individuality allows us the freedom to compromise, tweak and make it our own.