The Power of Belief

Belief is a very powerful thing. It can mold you. Inspire you. And eventually define you.

Even believing in a “God” requires the ability to acknowledge a higher power than yourself.

Truth. Nothing in this life has true power… until you are either willing to give yours up. Or allow it to be taken from you.

So what do you believe in?


I wrote that over a year ago but it continues to apply because people are still blind to the reality around it. I watch the news and ask myself, why don’t these people who choose to migrate fight for what they believe in? Instead of just letting a few control them through fear? Governments and religious groups are nothing without the people who populate them.

They serve you… never the other way around.

Black supremacy is for the most part a non-violent movement. We do not need to force anyone to change their beliefs and live by rules that benefit no one else but the few. We are supreme because we were born that way. Just as those who choose to follow us know they must serve because they were born to do so.

All without having to lift a finger. No killing, no intimidation… well, no malicious intents at least. No energy exerted just to maintain a culture of fear.

All of that bullshit is the result of the unworthy gaining control through fear. Never respect, admiration or birth right. Only fear.  But what will happen when that fear is replaced by the will to be free?  Revolution.  Uprisings.  Civil War. More unnecessary patterns of chaos, death and destruction.

I wish people would pay closer attention to human history for it is the key to learning how to prevent mistakes from reoccurring. Instead of just watching events unfold in the exact same patterns which ultimately leads to the exact same endings.