The Parable of the Prodigal Sub


There was a Master who had many subs. One of his subs was very disrespectful and dishonest. This sub served other Masters and lied and did not communicate with the Master for months at a time.

Because of his service to others and his disrespect, this sub gained much experience in life. He had many scenes and had his every desire satisfied. He grew in his skills and abilities. He became popular and enjoyed even more because of his disrespect for the Master.

The Master also had a very loyal and trustworthy sub who remained by the Master’s side. This sub followed the Master’s orders as best he could. The Master said he valued honesty and communication, sincerity and service. And so this second sub worked hard to demonstrate these qualities.

But this sub did not have much experience and sought to experience all that life had to offer. But the Master did not develop this sub for reasons He did not make clear to the sub. The sub did not complain but rather worked harder to please the Master. He did all the household chores and sat faithfully at the Master’s feet month after month. All the time silently hoping the Master would grace him with training. The sub did not talk about his desires hoping only to please the Master. And the Master was pleased.

The one day, the prodigal sub returned. And the Master ran out to greet him. The Master showered him with attention and shared him widely as the sub had a wealth of experience and skill. There was much rejoicing in the household and the sub remained very popular. The sub who had been lost was redeemed to the Master’s service.

The loyal sub remained naive and unskilled having served only his Master loyally and faithfully. What a chump.


This was written by a sub who has unfortunately since passed away.  I was cleaning out my files and found an old letter he had written to me the day he walked away from service, afraid of facing me directly about his decision based on jealousy.  I am sharing this as an example of how not to jump to conclusions about your Dom’s intentions.  Personally, I thought the story was cleverly done although I was furious with him at the time.  The “prodigal sub” he mentioned was a long distance sub whom had approached me about service.  This sub sought my guidance and wanted to work towards possible relocation from Baltimore to Detroit (where I lived at the time).  The author of the tale, the “loyal sub” was from Chicago and had been driving 5 hours both ways every other weekend to serve me.

The loyal sub was being groomed for a specific purpose while the prodigal sub was just a desperate sub needing to find direction.  The disrespect that the loyal sub mentioned was in reference to when the prodigal sub stopped returning my messages.  The loyal sub knew I was mentoring him and was angry at the sub because he felt that my time was wasted.  I didn’t feel the same.  Here was a sub thousands of miles away that I was never likely going to meet.  If I could help him develop into the kind of sub he needs to be in order to attract the right kind of Master then I considered it my good deed for the year.

When the prodigal sub returned, the loyal sub did not know the circumstances as to why I allowed him to reach out to me despite his disrespect.  The sub had hooked up with a supposed Black Dom on Craigslist.  He immediately aligned himself excited for the chance to serve.  The Dom turned out to be a drug dealer and did the unimaginable… forced the sub to open up his home to sell drugs.  Forced him to take drugs.  And finally,  drugged the prodigal sub up so badly that he almost died.  Left for dead as the dealer and his buddies cleaned out everything of worth from his apartment.

Oh… but not before they gang banged and raped him for three days.  Keeping him drugged up and pimping out his unconscious body online to any and all who wanted to pay to get a piece.  When he was found by a friend.  He was nearly dead with two broken ribs, a severely torn anus that required surgery, missing teeth and a dislocated shoulder.

He sent me the photos a friend took of him while in the hospital.  He was unrecognizable.  I had a hard time believing it was even him.

The sub apologized profusely and said that the promise of a local Master caused him to make all the wrong choices.  He ignored my teachings in favor of instant gratification… and its consequences, in this case.  I felt bad for him because I would never wish that kind of treatment on even my worst enemy.  Its inhumane.  The prodigal sub wanted to make up for it by asking to be punished at Black Beat 2005 (the event I was attending with the loyal sub and a new sub who would become my “fourth submissive”.  I allowed prodigal sub to attend as one of my subs and loaned him out for no holds barred, brutal demonstrations.  I told the presenters not to hold back.  The sub would take whatever they dished out to please me.  It was his way to show me how sorry he was for disrespecting the time I had granted him.  This action and the meaning behind it is what the loyal sub misinterpreted.  I understand where he was coming from and on hindsight,  I could have told him what had happened but it was a private matter.  After watching the demos, the loyal sub asked to be excused because he didn’t feel well.  He returned to our room, packed his bags and wrote the letter with an added apology that he could no longer serve.  Then left for the airport.

And I let him go.

He had great potential but wasn’t ready for the reality of true service.  Communication is crucial and if you can’t come to your Master about what bothers you then you are not serving Him.  Investing in Him.  From the beginning, loyal sub was given the tools to bring any issue to my attention if it would affect service to me.

Being a Master means you respect and protect those who serve under you.  A natural sub only wishes to please and serve.  His happiness comes not from what he wants but what his Master needs.  It is a role that many aspire to but may never achieve.  Simply because they can’t commit themselves to that goal.

That is why I admire and respect my current subs for the loyalty and dedication they provide me.  They invested in their service to me so I invested in them.

True perfect balance as a result of the convergence of two opposites working together to become whole.