dnaRecently, I decided to take a DNA Test for Ethnicity from AncestryDNA.com.  All they needed was a saliva sample to do the test.  A relative of mine did the test last year and it inspired me to delve into the mysteries of my own bloodline.  I never met my Dad’s father since he divorced my grandmother when my dad was 12.  He simply disappeared never to be heard from again.  I do know that he was Native American,  Creek Indian to be exact; and some say that he may have returned to the Reservation.  Again, that is just hearsay.  Word of mouth is all most African-Americans have to go on when it comes to defining our genetic past.  Most records were either destroyed when the buildings they were housed in burned or never recorded period.  A common occurrence during “those” times.

I never go by what people tell me.  I prefer to find out or verify information on my own.  Taking this test is a step towards unlocking secrets from my own genetic past on both sides of my family.

Once I get the results,  I will update this post.  I am excited to unlock the secrets to my past.  It will be interesting to compare knowledge that’s been passed down through generations with information decoded from the DNA found in my saliva.  I know of my history going back to the 1700’s, on my mom’s side.  My dad’s is the real mystery so I’m hoping this test will shed more light.

This is NOT an ad for Ancestry.com.  I did take advantage of their 14 day trial and ended up finding the 1940 census records for both sets of my grandparents.  So I do advise you to try it out and see what you find… if you are into history and genealogy.  It’s always good to know where you come from.

Here are the results of that test…


UPDATE:  05/17/14

Ethnicity Percentage

Black Sovereign’s DNA Test

AFRICA (86%)

  • Nigeria – Already known and documented
  • Mali – Now I have a reason to visit Timbuktu
  • Southeastern Bantu – Not known but am enjoying learning more
  • Senegal – Not known but am enjoying learning more
  • South-Central Hunter-Gatherers – Not known yet very fascinating
  • Cameroon – Handsome people 🙂
  • Benin – Not known but am enjoying learning more
  • Ghana – This surprises me knowing that I’m less than 1% since I have family from Ghana

EUROPE (13%)

  • Britain – I think this may  be on my dad’s side since his background is still largely a mystery
  • Europe West – This would include France and my grandmother is French Creole
  • Italy – Very surprising that I’m less than 1% since my bi-racial great grandfather is from there
  • Iberian Peninsula – This is truly surprising but am enjoying learning more


  • Melanesia – These dark skinned people get blue eyes and blond hair!  That surely explains some things.

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