Sovereignty :  The Reign of Black Sovereign (Part II)

A Black Sovereign Journal Entry


What if I ruled the world?

…Or even just the most powerful nation on this planet?

For this scenario, I will pretend that I have just been elected Supreme Leader of the United States of America.  Not president… Supreme Leader.  Unlike a presidency, this position only expires once my time on this planet ends, I become mentally and physically incapacitated (due to old age) or I willingly succeed it to my personally selected (or democratically elected), Prime Minister.  Remember that this is a scenario so all of the intricate under-the-hood details will not be covered.  Just the main points.  You may ask for those details in the comments, if you are curious as to how I would approach them.  If it’s a question that isn’t already self-explanatory then I may respond.  I always welcome questions and curiosity as it is how we all learn and grow as individuals.  This is the second installment of my Sovereignty series.  It is advised to read the first installment, Sovereignty :  The Reign of Black Sovereign before proceeding.


Week Two:  Reconstruction of a Failed System

After winning a successful campaign to become the western hemisphere’s first democratically elected Black Supreme Leader, and moved into the White House; I immediately issued several Executive Orders to kick-start my vision for the United States and its Territories.  I have several more that will be implemented my first month but I clarify my position on some of the biggest projects first.


Executive Order:  The New U.S. Federal Prison System

I made an error when I wrote this executive order.  I left out a critical piece to this.  I no longer want our criminal containment systems to be called Prisons anymore.  They will be re-instituted as The United States Federal Rehabilitation System (USRS).  After abolishing the exception to the prohibition of slavery and involuntary servitude when used as punishment for persons duly convicted of a serious crime, we will no longer house citizens who are convicted for lifelong sentences.  Those citizens will now be given a choice.  The last choice they will ever be allowed to make… to be voluntarily euthanized or become Property of the State (Federal slaves).  People deemed too dangerous to be released back into society as free individuals will become government property since their human rights have become null and void.  However, the humane option of euthanasia will be available as an alternative unless overruled by the Supreme Court.  This mandate will tackle a long-standing problem which created a strain on resources via unchecked overpopulation in America’s prisons and instead creates an effective crime deterrent.  For those who may object due to religious concerns, it will be explained that breaking Federal laws are punishable by the revocation of ones human rights and are treated like creatures in an animal shelter.  If they will not serve a purpose, then they are put down to conserve resources.  Remember, as Supreme Leader, my orders are absolute.


USRS : Defining Rehabilitation

Category One Crimes

These are crimes deemed as misdemeanors, hate crimes, juvenile and first time offenses (not deemed a serious Felony).  Local and state level justice systems will be allowed to handle these cases under the current justice system.  Each state will have a new Rehabilitation Center (USRS facility) which will replace all Federal maximum security prisons currently present in their state.  More on these new Rehabilitation Centers will be discussed below.

Category One convictions are considered Probationary warnings that come with a hefty financial penalty based on income (50% of gross estimated annual).  Fair repayment plans will be offered.  Revoked if the offender misses more than 3 scheduled payments (and have exhausted the number of extensions that can be requested).  Revoked or repeat offenders will be automatically upgraded to Category Two convictions.  Those who cannot repay their restitution can opt to apply for Indentured Servitude (IS) which requires internment at a USRS facility as a resident.  The length of time and type of servitude will be determined by the local or state courts.  Private citizens and corporations will be allowed to bid on an IS resident by agreeing to take on their debt in exchange for indentured servitude.

Category Two Crimes

These are crimes deemed as Felonies and repeat offenses.  There are two types of Felonies.  Stage One which is more white-collar and non-contact crimes.  Stage Two is the most serious.  These are contact crimes such as assault, murder, manslaughter, rape, and criminal exploitation.  Convictions at this category are automatically sentenced to a USRS facility.  However, Stage One felonies can be worked off in indentured servitude.  It’s an option the Felon must petition for as it will not be offered.  USRS Rehabilitation is available depending upon the crime.  Drug offenders are put into a special detox unit for the length of their sentence.  Unlike Stage Two felonies,  Stage One can be reintroduced back into society after restitution has been completed successfully.  Stage Two felons can not apply for IS consideration.  Their internment at a USRS facility will be permanent, unless Euthanasia has been requested.

Category Two and Three convictions are considered citizenship revoking offenses which results in revocation of human rights.  If the felon is deemed salvageable through rehabilitation then the option is looked at first.

Category Three Crimes

These are treasonous crimes against the state such as terrorism (international or domestic), espionage, cyber crimes and political coup attempts.  Euthanasia is the default sentence although permanent internment as a Feder is optional but only by a decision from either the Supreme Court or Prime Minister.

Rehabilitation vs Prison

Prison is a storage facility.  It is a drain on resources and serves no purpose but to create a cycle of offense.  When a person is convicted of a felony, that stays with them for the rest of their life.  The restrictions and labels alone make life even after parole difficult.  It’s the punishment that keeps on punishing.  Thus, the likelihood of re-offending is high.  When a person is sentenced to life in prison, it becomes a permanent resort as a result of their loss of liberty.  Converting to rehabilitation is the answer to breaking that cycle.  Once a convicted criminal enters the USRS facility,  based on their crime, they either work off their restitution in detox units, as indentured servants, euthanized or become Feders (Federal Slaves).  If the courts deem you worthy of redemption,  you pay a very expensive fine.  If you can’t afford to pay the fine, you are sent to your state’s USRS facility and become an indentured servant where your restitution may be auctioned to private citizens or corporations thus you agree to become temporary property to that entity, as their indentured servant.  Refusal puts you in violation and your original sentence is automatically revoked.

You become a Feder by default and lose your right to choose… forever.  This is my idea of “life without the possibility of parole”.


USRS : The United States Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation should not look like a prison so all current Federal prisons will be decommissioned once new state of the art facilities are built.  These new facilities will have the same blueprint although each location interiorly may be different depending upon the needs of the state its built in.  The new USRS centers will look a lot like the new Apple Park complex except much larger.  It will be a self-contained complex with its own reservoir (rainwater is collected and pooled there), power plant using mostly energy generated from next generation solar panels on the roof of the entire complex (10-15% will come from the grid with reserves from human generated power) as well as waste management facilities underground.  It will feature a farm with fruit trees and vegetables gardens that will be tended by residents of the facility.  Hydroponic labs underground will be used if capacity of the facility exceeds what the farms can produce.  Other meat products will be imported as only chickens and turkeys are the only livestock allowed to be raised on-campus.  All facilities have 13 levels.  5 surface levels (Rehabilitation).  3 mid levels (Administration/Indentured Service).  5 subterranean levels (Federal slave quarters).

I no longer want our justice system to be a joke.  You commit a crime you may be rehabilitated.  Get the help you need to do better.  You offend again,  you lose your freedom and human rights permanently.  To be tough on crime you have to make the punishment something they can never come back from.  Unlike the three strike rule, you only get one more chance to get it right.  You need help?  You will receive it in order to give you that fair chance.  Along with Prison Reform,  I also enact the Second Chance Act as part of it.  Rehabilitation doesn’t work if you are unable to feel like you have a second chance to do better.  A sealed record is a privilege to those who complete rehab successfully.

Of course, that record is immediately unsealed and becomes permanent the moment you screw it up.


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