Big changes coming soon … ♠

Details pending…

Although Slave10 continues to remain busy with current demands, it is necessary to share some news of import to you, the viewers and users.

After more than 10 years as a slave/sub and 5 years as a black-owned slave and personal property to Master Dante / Black Sovereign, Slave10 will be leaving service. This life-change has been undertaken after intense discussion with its owner and with Master Dante’s full-consent and guidance.

Full details and additional information will be posted in the next few days/weeks, however listed below are some important items of note:

♠ – slave10’s last day of general public service will be Sept. 30. slave will serve ‘business as usual,’ with up-to-date blog postings, until that date.

♠ – Sept. 30 will also be the last day to order custom videos. Current videos will remain for sale indefinitely.

♠ – slave10’s departure will occur with several conditions – among those will be full completion of all chastity related programming. More details on the conditions will be posted once they have been set and approved by Master Dante.

♠ – Power Users will be contacted separately with additional updates.

Look for additional information soon (including a note for viewers/users) and in the meantime, do place any additional custom video orders by Sept. 30.

Do contact the bitch-male with any questions or comments.



The decision to allow Slave10 to retire from active XCam service was done at a critical time in his life.  I care a great deal about all of my subs and slaves who devote themselves to me.  Slave10 has been a faithful member of XCam since October 2012 when he originally approached me about serving.   As I tell him often, he is my first successful online slave and the changes I’ve installed in him over the years will be permanent.  Chastity was introduced about 2 and a half years ago.  He will continue this and other requirements under carefully specified criterias that I will allow Slave10 to discuss in later posts for his users and fans.

Video sales will continue of previously made custom videos.  Including one final private cam show between Slave10 and myself.  More details to come.


UPDATE:  As of September 2017, Slave10 is on deferred release indefinitely since he was unable to meet the criterias of his release within the timeframe allowed of one year.


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