My Rules of Engagement


There is a right way and WRONG way of approaching a Dominant, like myself. Many subs come off as aggressive and almost demand to be subjugated. Whether that is frustration or impatience, I don’t know nor care… that bullshit is not tolerated and will get your email or contact DELETED or IGNORED. That’s right. I won’t even bother with a reply since you didn’t bother to show respect.

The key rule of thumb to reference: What do you have to offer?

If you can’t answer that simple question then you have no business approaching me or any Dominant for that matter.

Other points to consider when approaching me…

  • If seeking servitude, know that I favor full service servants. That includes domestic in addition to sexual duties. The only exception would be those who wish to provide hospitality if I happen to be visiting their city/country (Travel Hosts). Servitude in that case would be temporary, thus exempt.


  • If seeking to be used sexually ONLY, you better be offering a body that is built for pleasure. That means having a visually appealing, rounded ass or better.  Something I can find value in for the limited service you are offering.  Or at least look like you spend some time in the gym to look fuckable.  Just being real here.  If all you have to offer is sex, whether as a quick hookup or whatever, then you need to be able to compete with every other sub bottom out there seeking the exact same thing.


  • Don’t start off first contact with a simple one-liner like “Hi, how are you?” or “Hey Sir, how is your week going?”.  Or worse, think that I would be impressed that you love and crave “BBC”.  If you attempt to come at me casually like that… that’s exactly how I’ll treat my reply back… casually. Meaning, no interest. This is fine if all you are doing is acknowledging, giving a compliment, seeking advice… but not seeking to serve.  Would you go to an important job interview without your resume?  I didn’t think so.


  • If you are not immediately local where an in-person meeting can take place, then you better have more than one photo available to view (or email) to give me some perspective on what you look like. Stats are never enough and can not be verified. Photos never lie… unless the person in them is not you or some old photo taken 10 years prior.  In this modern age, video conferencing is free with programs like Skype and Google Hangout.  This means that interviewing via webcam would become necessary and expected if unable to travel.


  • Be prepared to take some time to write a decent introduction as to who you are, what you are looking for, and why you are approaching me. A Dominant prefers to hear why a sub wants to be accepted by him. It can’t be random… it has to mean something to you to make it significant and worth spending our time on.  An opportunity to gain and KEEP our interest is terrible thing to waste.


  • DO NOT APPROACH ME (ABOUT SERVING) IF YOU ARE ALREADY TALKING TO ANOTHER DOMINANT! BE RESPECTFUL AND FOCUS ON THAT CONNECTION FIRST. And don’t think I won’t find out. I WILL FIND OUT. Be free from all attachments (excluding friendship) with other Doms when approaching. I deserve, nothing less than, 100% of your attention.

Black Sovereign is more than just a screen name. It is who I am. First and foremost, sovereign over my own life and everything around me. My grandmother taught me to never accept less than what I deserve which means I expect only the best. My family has an underground history of Black rule and although I chose not to go with tradition, I know that there are naturals out there in society that will seek me out and show me they want a once in a lifetime chance to become who they were born to be…

I’ve been in the Lifestyle for the better part of 20 years now.  Just turned 40 today.

Every Black Dominant is his own man. I am definitely mine and it would be in your best interest to approach me as a clean slate. You will fail if you approach me otherwise.

Be confident in what you are offering.  It’s not enough to want to serve… you must “need” it to be worthy of any investment of time to mold you.


These are my Rules of Engagement.  As with anything I choose to share freely online,  it is multi-purpose advice I hope you will and have learned from.