Religion II | Just something to think about…


I’m posting something to ponder since Religion (once again) was brought up in my presence.  The fallout in the wake of dropping undeniable truth in the face of mindless leemings wasn’t pretty but I thought I’d share some of the observations I made…


♠ Have you ever wondered why Renaissance statuary and paintings of Adam and Eve always have them with belly buttons?


♠ If God tore down the tower of Babel and confounded ancient man’s language because he didn’t want them to work together to build a tower to the heavens, where was he when we landed on the moon?


♠ If the soul enters humans at conception, do identical twins share one soul since they are the product of one egg and one sperm; does each get only half; or do souls divide like cells?


♠ Who the hell were those other people Adam and Eve encountered after they were expelled from Paradise?


These are just a few of MANY kernels of knowledge I end up sharing when religious fanatics choose to take a book written by MAN as the end all, be all of human existence.  You would have to be a complete idiot to blindly believe everything somebody else tells you to believe in.  Especially without verifiable facts.  What’s the purpose of free will if you have people always trying to deny your right to be who you are?   Because the bible tells you so?  People really can’t be that stupid.  Wait, oh yes they can.  Humans think they are above the animal kingdom but forget we are mammals and instinctively desire to be lead.  For those who are not raised to think for themselves,  they become prey to the wolf pack.  Brainwashed to believe and live by a set of rules designed to enslave and control the masses.

Control = POWER

And who holds the POWER, controls the world.  Don’t even attempt to argue.  Pick up a history book.  Man created religion.  Man has destroyed any civilization or ideology that they feel threatens that POWER.


I believe that if there truly was a God, then he is indeed flawed.  Or the universe’s biggest game player.  Why else would you demand worship and dedication while giving humans free will to think and make decisions on their own?

The guy who was the target of my impromptu lesson on common sense looked like he was going to explode so I took pity on him.  I told him that I was spiritual and had grown up in a bi-religious family of Roman Catholics and Southern Baptists.  He didn’t get the irony so I asked him some questions.


“Isn’t God supposed to be all knowing and kind?”

“Yes, he is to all of his children.”

“Right… then why would he let bad things happen?”

“… no… he doesn’t…. whatever happens to us is because it’s God’s will….”

“Hard to say that with conviction, isn’t it?  You should stop listening to him and start listening to me.  Remember, God sold out his only son to die on a stick.”


That was pretty much the end of that conversation, debate, or whatever.


“In religion and politics, people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand, and without examination.” …Mark Twain