Religion III | G.O.D.


What is G.O.D.?  Gimmick Or Deception?

I originally wrote a post on my take on Religion back in 2012, entitled “Black Sovereign Journal | Religion“.  I still believe that Religion is the Greatest Of all Deceptions?  So my feelings on God?  The jury is still out on that one.  I have a problem with a supposed supreme being who has been noticeably absent since ancient times.  And you can’t give me some bullshit about “God” being everywhere and in everyone.  If he can talk to a select few people thousands of years ago and get MILLIONS of people to take words out of some ancient storybook as the gospel truth,  then where is he now?  Today?  Talking to the Pope?

Hey!  I spoke to God last week and he shared his plan for humanity… would you believe me?

You can bring a laundry list of valid questions and you’ll always get a clever response in return to validate.  I’ve learned long ago to not even try.  People are like leemings.  They will believe and follow anything that brings a sense of belonging and safety in a world that is uncertain.

Order within Chaos.

The one thing no one can deny is how God is used to justify war, genocide, prejudice and the right to take away liberties and personal choice.

I could never understand how the religious right demands to be respected, tolerated and given freedom of worship yet they will not think twice to deny you rights simply because it “offends” or goes against their own beliefs.

There is a disturbing pattern here… and it’s worldwide.  Everyone knows its there but no one will do anything about it.  The unintended consequence is that although religion is a personal choice, its true purpose is to assert domination and control for financial gain.  The offerings you give to G.O.D. go to a man or group of men for their benefit.  Not yours.  What you get instead is an illusion of acceptance and order.

We all need to realize that belief is only as powerful as you make it.  Get a bunch of people to believe in the same thing and you become G.O.D.

Thus my alternative theory on the subject:


In the beginning, God was nothing.

… so he starting making stuff.


He made the dirt

He made the sky

He made the water

He made things that swim

Things that slither

Things with legs


God turned himself into a big shot!


Then in a couple days or a couple million years, he breathed life into Man.

And he’s been sucking the life out of us ever since…


Belief is a very powerful thing. It can mold you. Inspire you. And eventually define you. To believe in a God requires the ability to believe in a higher power than yourself. Nothing in this life has true power… until you are either willing to give yours up. Or allow it to be taken from you.