Religion | The Greatest Deception Ever Told

A Black Sovereign Journal Entry


Everyone has an opinion… about everything. What makes us different from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to think singularly and affect our own destiny. Of course, there are people who feel that everyone should believe and think the same way they do. And will do just about anything (by hook or by crook) to make sure you only see (and abide by) their point of view.

… this is where the problems and issues humans face today originate.

Religion, or should I say organized religion, is the great con of mankind. Any institution that chooses a central character (yes, that’s right, I meant it just as it sounded) to act as a conduit or channel to “God” is pulling your d@#$. Why do I feel this way you might ask? Simple. I was forced to attend Catholic school.

Don’t get me wrong. I received a great education there and they were fair in teaching an adequate amount of info on other religions but I have a hard time believing in a supreme being who doesn’t make himself known. Especially one that wants me to follow “man-made” rules in order to be allowed into so-called Heaven at the end of my life.

While religion works for some… it is repressive for others. My view on the free will issue is that if we were created to “serve”, why give free will? Just make us mindless slaves that follow the call of the wild just like the rest of the animal kingdom. Problem solved. But, of course… it’s never that simple.

My biggest gripe is the Bible. How can you trust a man-made object that has been written and rewritten so many times? Hell, there are even “lost” chapters that were excluded during translations because they didn’t coincide with what the Church (at that time) wanted people to believe.

Another example that you can’t take what you read or hear as gospel truth. If you didn’t live during the time the events of the Bible happened, how do you know what you are reading is the honest to God truth? It’s like the communication experiment I remember from Grade school (elementary) where you tell someone a phrase and have them repeat it to the next person… and so on and so on. Eventually, the phrase is related back to you by the last person to hear it. I’ve done this exercise several times and the original phrase is never repeated in it’s original form.

“Sam went to the beach to find some sea shells for Eleanor” comes back sounding like “Sam sailed out to sea to find the beaches of Equador”. Since the Bible started out as a collection of stories passed down from generation to generation until it was finally recorded as a book to preserve the stories, how can you truly believe word for word what a book says you should believe in?

The answer is… you can’t. Unless you are a mindless, emotionally disturbed idiot who can’t think for themselves. But I do have to admit… what better way to control the masses than to give them something to believe in. Something to make sense of creation and the age old question of why are we here? Although, I have my misgivings about religion, in some ways, it is a means to an end.

Without religion for people in authority to use to impose their will… there would be chaos and anarchy.

The Puritans were persecuted in England for their beliefs and so to be allowed the freedom to practice what they believe… they fled to the New World. What happened when they got there? They ended up being just as uncompromising and intolerant of any idea or behaviors that weren’t sanctioned by the Church. Did you know that married couples could only have sex on certain days, in that culture? Also, if you didn’t attend Church, you were labeled a heretic and could face jail time or even worse. Is it any wonder that the Salem witch trials were just diabolical disguises for mass murder and revenge? Of course not. Too much power in the hands of a few is DANGEROUS (remember the Spanish Inquisition, anyone?).

My point with this is… although I respect a persons right to believe in what they want to believe in, I don’t agree with the same people trying to force their beliefs on others.

Abortion is a no brainer… let the woman decide. She can make many babies during her cycle so why bring unwanted children into this world that’s already overpopulated? Sorry, but every life is not precious… if the parents can’t take care of it or worse yet… don’t want them. Why subject a child to foster homes and orphanages when you can halt the process of birth until the timing is right and the condition is right to support a child. Of course, no one thinks about this… only that they feel abortion is murder and all life is precious and should be protected.

I’ve got issues with that too. If that was the case, why doesn’t anyone bat an eyelash when you hear about civilians mass murdered in civil wars and drug wars? Why is a new baby of higher priority than people who are already alive? A life is a life. The value is the same. Babies can’t defend themselves, I agree but so can’t those who are caught in the middle of something they didn’t start.

In my view, you can’t be pro-life and stand by and do nothing when you hear of such atrocities going on in the world. If you are anti-abortion then be anti-violence against humans of all ages as well. We were all newborns at one time… so that makes EVERY HUMAN LIFE precious and worth saving.

Personally, I don’t believe in abortion as an answer. Abstinence or proper birth control is the answer. But, although I would rather see a baby born to a family that can support it… it is ultimately the woman who this affects whose decision is the most important.

… not the anti-abortionists. Not the politicians. And definitely not YOURS. Would you want someone telling you what you can or cannot do with your own body?

I thought not.

My mother always taught me to stop, take a deep breath, and then try and look at BOTH sides of an issue before reacting. It’s sound advice and one that makes life and the choices you make everyday a bit easier to reconcile with.


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