I’ve used this as my personal trademark quote for years but very few have ever asked me what it means.  President Obama and hopeful, Romney were in Denver Wednesday for the first public presidential debate.  I attended Obama’s rally at Sloan Lake the following day.  I have always admired Barack ever since he was a senator for Illinois.  I remember seeing him on Oprah about 10 years ago and even then there were whispers of him being a top candidate for becoming America’s first black president.

While many blacks were skeptical, what was interesting was that the most vocal about him running for President were not African Americans.  Not even Hispanics.  It were White Americans who were the most excited.  I sat back and silently observed what was happening.  I have never in my life seen that many whites clamor excitedly around an African American as a positive role model.  Yes, Oprah has a lock on the white female population’s respect and love but she is a celebrity.  Obama was something else altogether… hope.

You would listen to him speak and you were ENGAGED.  Everything he says makes sense.  It awakened everyone’s faith in possibly having a real candidate for president they can believe will actually DO SOMETHING. When he decided to run for president, it was no surprise.  People around me were excited.  I hadn’t seen this much enthusiasm about an election since Bill Clinton but even then he was an unknown until we got a taste of his soulful side and down to earth personality.

I remember every promise he made during his election speeches.  And I’ve counted off every single one he’s tried to accomplish since he was elected.  This man, a black man, is the only President (during my lifetime) who has actually made a conscious effort to fulfill his campaign promises.  Not “moral” promises that mean nothing but promises of substance.  Actions to try and change what got the country where it was before he got elected.  While Republicans can only focus on the deficit, the fear of bigger government, and what unborn children will have to deal with… Obama focuses on the NOW.  What do we need now.  And how to get there.

No one man can solve the country’s ills.  Only WE can.  Obama can put the ball in motion but America’s citizens and business leaders are the ones who guide that ball to its goal.  No president can offer change without the cooperation of its people.  ALL OF ITS PEOPLE.  The Republicans are a bit narrow minded when it comes to that simple truth.  With Obama, he seeks to include everybody.  I have never seen a Republican who wanted the same thing.  Now, I will admit that I like Romney as he is not as conservative in his ways.  But I still feel that it takes a full term to make any worthwhile changes and that Obama needs to stay leader so that all the positive growth we’ve seen can see us through the mess Republican policies put us in to begin with.

America has a short term memory… and it’s chronic.

Real change happens when you make a conscious effort to actually DO IT.  American’s can be viewed as lazy.  But they are not.  I have seen what American’s can do when there is a crisis.  I helped during Katrina along side other Americans and foreigners who cut their vacations short to help out.  The human spirit is reliable and I find comfort in knowing that you can’t judge a whole people by the actions of a few.  That’s like throwing out an entire barrel of freshly picked apples just because you found one or two rotten ones.

I apply that same mentality to submissives.  When I say “real change begins with you”, I mean that you have the power to affect change in your own life to accomplish your goals.  Whether that is getting a better job, finding your soul mate, or finding a Master.  Nothing comes to you as if by magic.  You have to put in work.  And if you are not willing to work for what you want then you get 100% of nothing in return.

Anything worthwhile in life requires an investment of time.  Masters and Dominants invest their personal time to the development and nurturing of a submissive.  The submissive in turn is expected to put in work to align themselves as possible candidates for the ultimate goal of attaining a lasting and beneficial relationship with their chosen Dominant.  Just like my “black sovereign” emblem above represents, two opposites in harmony with one another with the dominant side (the face of a black man dominating its opposite) always the driving force that keeps the dynamic going strong.

My advice to submissives who have not been successful in finding what they seek is to truly understand what it is that you want first.  Know it,  believe in it.  And if you are not there yet, then work on it until you do.  Dominants want you to be ready now.  And it’s disrespectful to come at us any other way.  Know you role.. know who you are and what it is you truly desire.  A Master can help you discover this but make the effort worth it.  Be able to offer something to make your journey worthwhile… whether it is your direct service, professional skills (offered pro-bono), or payment for time spent.  Always remember who’s serving whom at all times.

REAL change begins with YOU…

So where do you start?  First, what is it that you truly want that will make you happy?  Answer that question and you’re on your way.  Not sure what will make you happy… then Houston, you have a problem.