**Originally posted October 2012**


Yesterday, I got the following email from a sub on Recon.com:

*”Sir, i am a 43 year old white man humbly asking to chat about the possibility of an interview to offer myself in part-time domestic servitude. i read in Your slave4master profile for a submissive to “know what you want.” i would primarily like to serve as a domestic, however, i would of course strive to be whatever would most please You.*

*Much of my younger life, i was very much a racist, especially towards Black Men. i’ve realized that it came out of natural feelings of inferiority. In the last several years i’ve gone out of my way to be polite and helpful to any Black Man who i’ve come across. However, i am now feeling a desire to make amends for my disrespect with a deeper service to a superior Black Man.*

*i realize my physical inadequacy, in that you prefer muscle men. Sadly, i am not that. i am a small person however i am in very good physical shape and not at all over weight. i would naturally understand if You found me unworthy to even consider. i have enclosed a face picture. if You would be willing to chat, please tell me which site, time and how i am to address you, and barring any unavoidable conflicts i will presents myself. Thank You Sir”*

I have decided that I am curious enough to hear him out so replied back with a time to chat with me via Google tonight. He is not the first “former” racist who has approached me. I have been served by many whites who wish to make amends for their hatred and treatment towards Blacks in the past. It’s almost like they wish for me to forgive them for their sins by serving me in whatever capacities I prefer. In the past, my first instinct was to BREAK THEM… and I did. In my mind, I was delivering retribution for my brothers and sisters who may have been harmed by that subs actions in the past.

But now, it’s different. I want to know why they behaved as they did. I find that the reason tend to be for different reasons. Most is education… others fear… quite a few because of jealousy. And some because of something that happened to them when they were young (raped, robbed, etc).

It will be interesting to see what the sub has to say about his history and what triggered his epiphany about why he is the way he is now.

The world is changing and I find that more than ever, people are realizing who they are alot faster than in the past. Change is happening and it seems to be accelerating faster than I expected. Then again, we do have our first Black president.

…so what’s next?