There’s nothing more depressing than having everything…. and still feeling sad.  You must learn to water your spiritual garden.

Response from one of my followers:

Sadness is part of everything – that’s the tenderness of life.

My response:

Yes, and that depth of emotion is necessary on so many levels. But if that sadness consumes you for too long, then there is something inside of you that is not being nurtured. To this end, sadness becomes a reminder of the need to water your own spiritual garden.


As much advice and wisdom as I have given out over the years,  the hardest part of it all is applying that advice to myself.  I was brought up to be strong and self-reliant.  This meant relying on no one but myself to reach my goals.  However, the one thing only my mother was able to teach me is the need to acknowledge what makes me happy.  And most importantly,  not be afraid to reach for it.