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Reflecting on the first part of 2012… it has been a rather eventful year.

The beginning wasn’t so good but after an epiphany in February, things have been only getting better and better. It’s amazing what a change in attitude and direction can bring you. I make a point of reevaluating the direction I’m taking if I am not happy with the results.

As with anything in life, you are ultimately the only one in control over your own destiny.


Response from one of my followers

What happened Sir both good and bad ?

My answer 

I almost died earlier this year from an anti-biotic I didn’t know I was severely allergic to. Two weeks in the hospital was very sobering since I had never been in one before. The experience made me realize that I haven’t been truthful concerning what I personally want for myself. I focused the past 4 years on my career without giving much thought to my own personal happiness. Granted, I have a great sub who has been serving me faithfully since 2008 but I was still closed off from truly letting myself be happy.

After I got out of the hospital, I decided to pick up where I left off a few years ago. I created this site as my official homepage. I allowed myself to be approached by submissives seeking to serve. I basically did everything I had put on hold. I re-dedicated myself to doing things that make me happy.

…and allowing myself to let people who wish to contribute to that happiness into my life.

Thanks for asking.



It is so easy to just let go of the journey towards your own personal happiness.  But, it takes nearly losing everything else to realize that the journey is necessary and vital to your existence.

Why else are you here if not to live your life?


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