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XCAM started out as a Streamate studio incorporated in November 2012. Since that time, I have branched out using various different outlets to showcase my models assets.   We are a small studio and that is done on purpose.  The original idea wasn’t for the purpose of generating revenue.  It was an experiment in how to make a long distance BDSM relationship work.

After five years, I would say that the XCam project is a success.  I judge success by the effect it has on my models.  Not all models perform for me under the XCam label.  Some are independent yet share revenue with me on their own because of my association and input.  As unconventional as XCam is, it works because each model’s relationship is forged based on common sense and practicality. However, a mandatory requirement states that all applicants must be or identify as “submissive” since joining XCam means you become “property” of Black Sovereign Media [BSM].  Some exceptions can be made based on what you can offer.  That’s where the practicality comes in.  Your service will be limited to your performances on cam and other online activities; however, opportunities for *advancement may become available after a period of satisfactory service.

All revenue earned will be delivered via a free PayPal account. Why PayPal? Simple. It costs very little or nothing to transfer funds between accounts. And you can apply for a free PayPal MasterCard debit card to gain access to your earnings or link a checking or savings account to deposit the funds directly. Don’t want to use PayPal? Other payment options can be discussed however a convenience fee may be added.

Now, as a true submissive, you can decline compensation and just simply perform and serve for my benefit and pleasure.  Those who seek the advancement opportunity will usually choose this option in order to show that they have a deeper interest in serving beyond what is offered.

- XCam Model Roster -

Producer, Video Performer
Slave 10
Slave 10
Property, CamVideo Performer
Property, CamVideo Performer

Performing online can be a rewarding experience for those who enjoy taking orders and pleasing. This position is perfect for those who do not have the availability to serve in a more consistent manner. You choose your own hours with the goal of generating income for your Master as a way to be of service… while making a little extra income for yourself.

One complete year of service will entitle a XCam model to apply for an “upgrade”.  An upgrade comprises of advancing from 40% to 60% revenue for Online and Video only models or becoming a CamVideo model.  CamVideo (full service) models additionally have the option to introduce real-time (RT) performances for loyal customers.  All models can be “rented” exclusively for one month at a time.

Webcam Modeling

Perfect for those who are not afraid to show off in front of the camera.  There is certain eroticism in exposing your naked flesh to unseen spectators.  An even greater thrill when you know you’re doing it to please your Dom.

  • Webcam Model
    LIVE Performances
  • $60+monthly
  • Flexible schedule
  • Online only performance
  • Quota: 1-4 performances
  • Photo ID required: YES
  • Application

Video Modeling

Perfect for those who are too shy to perform live on cam but are more than willing to create personalized videos for the enjoyment of others.  This offers the most freedom in terms of scheduling.

  • Video Model
    Custom Performances
  • $90+monthly
  • Flexible schedule
  • Video only performance
  • Quota: 1-2 videos
  • Photo ID required: NO
  • Application

CamVideo Modeling

Perfect for the those who are able to find the time to entertain on camera as well as create personalize videos on demand. Building your brand.  Revenue sharing is increased if you can handle this role effectively.

XCam Modeling Application

Please take some time to reflect on why you are applying. XCam is not a modeling agency. This service is for people who identify themselves as "submissive". Your main motivation should be on creating erotic performances for visual online entertainment as well as gaining the opportunity to have direct contact with a Black Master.

All applicants will be interviewed solely through either instant messaging/text or webcam, at my discretion. Fill out this application completely and be honest about what you are offering. Your application will be reviewed within seven days. Be prepared to attach photos and/or video representations to any follow up emails. This is mandatory for application consideration.

Legal name only.
Legal name or initial.
Nicknames are allowed.
Enter your date of birth
Male, Female, CD/TV, Transman, etc.
No abbreviations.
No abbreviations.
Enter Country if no zip/postal exists
Please make sure its correct.
Chat software or Voice contact purposes only.
Personal website, blog, social media profile, etc.
Choose what type of service you wish to provide.
Choose what best describes your build
Select a service(s) you already use or willing to sign up for.
Select a service(s) you already use or willing to sign up for.
Use this field to explain your selections of "Other" in previous questions.
If you are just inquiring, please provide a subject for your request
Take this opportunity to tell us about yourself, what you have to offer and why you are applying.


Applicants will be required to provide proof of age via a valid photo ID.  Non-US applicants may apply as long as you have a way to prove your identity.  This only pertains to Webcam and CamVideo models and the revenue earned from performances made through our media affiliates like Streamate, as well as other sites that may require it.

Don’t forget to offer your photo or video with your submitted application.  If your photos/videos are on another site, include the website address while filling out the application form.

*XCam models are considered part time employees of Black Sovereign Media (BSM).  This designation grants the model incredible freedom to set their own schedule and contact with Black Sovereign.  Private shows may be requested and the model will be required to find time to provide entertainment via webcam unless geographically available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow your performers to meet their fans/customers in person?

I am currently experimenting with that option with Slave 10.  I do not run an escort service but if a customer is willing to schedule and work out details for a LIVE show then it would be considered.  They would get the same performances in person as they would on-cam.  There may be exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.  All terms of such a performance would be agreed upon before final approval.

Is being an employee for XCam the same as being a submissive for Black Sovereign?

To be considered an XCam model,  yes.  Although you will be paid a percentage of the revenue earned, you take your orders from Black Sovereign directly.  This is a great opportunity for those who have limited availability or only engage in the Lifestyle when its convenient.  You are not under a contract so you can leave at anytime.

How does webcam modeling benefit me?

Performing online can be a rewarding experience for those who enjoy taking orders and pleasing.  This position is perfect for those who do not have the availability to serve in a more consistent manner.  You choose your own hours with the goal of generating income for your Master as a way to be of service… while making a little extra income for yourself.

Why is a copy of my Photo ID necessary?

All commercial webcam sites that have LIVE performers must be able to prove that their models are at least 18 years of age or older.  This requirement applies globally.  For those who live in countries where privacy is a concern,  consider custom video modeling instead.  We do not require photo ID for video work but you will be required to setup a profile on an amateur video site like Xtube, Xhamster, etc.  They require all members to be 18 years of age or older to join.  These sites would be used to advertise previews of your homemade videos.

Do you hire models who wish to be anonymous?

You can wear a mask or otherwise hide your identity when performing online.  But for purposes of earning revenue,  you must provide proof of age which means a copy of a photo ID.  An alternative is to make your own videos that can be sold independently.   These are usually recorded performance from cam shows but if you are creative enough, you can perform off-camera and submit your videos to Black Sovereign for sale.  Note that sale videos can take longer to turn a profit compared to cam modeling’s per minute pricing.

Instead of performing online, I’d rather produce my own private home videos for sale.  Do you accept Video Modeling-only applications?

We understand that some do not wish to broadcast themselves LIVE on a webcam site.  However, that is what the job was designed for.  You may explain why you wish to be considered for just video modeling but you would be required to submit a sample video for consideration.  UPDATE:  Yes, we now offer video only modeling.

When would I get paid and are there any other options than PayPal?

All performers receive a payout at the end of the month.  Make a profit that month and get a payout on the last day or weekend of that same month.  There is a threshold of at least $20 earned before payout is granted, otherwise, any revenue earned is carried over into the next month (and so on) until the threshold is reached for another payout.

PayPal is the preferred method for payouts as transfers are free.  Getting a PayPal account is simple and easy.  They offer a debit card so you can access the funds.   Or you can link an existing checking or savings account to have funds transferred and deposited directly.  If you wish to use another method, it can be discussed for feasibility however, there would be a convenience fee deducted from each payout.  The amount of said fee would be discussed prior to accepting the alternative payout option.


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