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Are You Ready For Some Real-Time Experiences?

Work-Study is perfect for those who would like to take their current understanding of the Lifestyle and/or mentoring sessions to the next level.  The Next Level is introducing a more “hands-on” approach to your mentoring and training.  Please note that this program option does require travel unless choosing to become a Travel Host.

Through the Lifestyle Mentoring program, you receive personalized guidance in the comfort of your own home from an experienced Life Coach and Master who can help you make the right choices and discover who you are.  This program isn’t just for Lifestyle-related issues.  Just about any topic can be discussed where an understanding, compassionate and supportive outlook is sought.  Twenty plus years of experience and wisdom is available and is being offered to help you find the path you were always destined to be upon.

Although, it is recommended that you seek Lifestyle mentoring first before applying for Work-Study; the program does not require it.  However, there are some criteria that need to be met.  Each of the options presented below have their own set of rules and requirements.  Make sure you read them thoroughly before paying the non-refundable registration fee.

Weekend Service

Mostly Weekends and Holidays.  Some weekdays may be required.

Requires a one to two day service agreement with the availability to plan time off to accommodate.  A “Serve and Learn” contract agreement is necessary with very negotiable terms.  This is the most versatile of the three services since it requires very little prior planning.

Designed for Lifestyle Mentoring students, Work-Study allows a sub to learn while they serve real-time instead of paying a per session mentor fee.  Expenses such as lodging and car rental may be required.

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Travel Hosting

Weekday and/or Weekend availability may be necessary.

Requires the availability to host at your home (or contribute towards accommodations).  No Serve and Learn contract is required.  Hosting a Dom in your own home is an honor and rarity.  Excellent work-study opportunity.  Opportunity for repeat visits is earned based on your hospitality and skill.

Work-Study allows a sub to learn while they serve real-time instead of paying a per session mentor fee.  No expenses are incurred other than those emanating from providing hospitality or securing accommodations.

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Vacation Service

Weekday and/or Weekend availability may be necessary.

Requires a one to five day service agreement with the availability to plan time off to accommodate.  A “Serve and Learn” contract agreement is necessary with very negotiable terms.  Because of the intimate nature of this service, applying to provide Vacation service requires at least one prior paid mentoring session.

Work-Study allows a sub to learn while they serve real-time instead of paying a per session mentor fee.  All expenses are pooled and shared such as lodging/transportation.

Take the questionnaire

Work Study Application - Questionnaire Forms

Work Study Mentoring Application
Legal name only.
Legal name or initial.
Nicknames are allowed.
Enter your date of birth
Male, Female, CD/TV, Transman, etc.
No abbreviations.
No abbreviations.
Enter Country if no zip/postal exists
Please make sure its correct.
Chat software or Voice contact purposes only.
Personal website, blog, social media profile, etc.
Please select only one option.
Your preference will be taken into consideration.
Selected days should include arrival and departure.
Selected days will be considered full availability.
Choose one that best fits your availability.
This option is currently NOT AVAILABLE.
Use only if you have paid for a Lifestyle mentoring session.
Include as much detail as possible. Response timeframes will vary based on what has been entered.

Not currently available.

Not currently available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to apply?

Payment for this service comes in the form of a short term servitude agreement.  Additional expenses may be incurred such as airline travel, hotel accommodations and car rental (for some services).  Depending on the program selected, the ability to schedule time off to accommodate will be the most important.  Most services only require a maximum of 5-7 days.  The only program that allows flexible scheduling is Weekend Service, since it is only a 1-2 day commitment.

What is Work-Study Mentoring?

Work-Study is the practice of repaying the cost of being mentored through temporary real-time servitude instead of financial compensation.  I have been implementing this practice since 2001 but only started making it available as a public option since 2012.  Lifestyle mentoring is more “academic” in nature while Work-Study mentoring is more “hands on”, where you learn by example.  In an academic setting, you pay a fee for the time spent instructing you.  In a hands-on setting, you pay by agreeing to “serve and learn” based on my requirements.  As exciting as it may sound, it is harder than most think.  For example, if you apply to be a Travel Host, you must be able to open up your home or contribute towards hotel accommodations.  A great deal of initial trust must be provided in order to satisfy the requirements of a Work-Study agreement.  This is one of the reasons why Lifestyle mentoring is a better choice for those who want guidance but need to retain some level of control.

How many times can I apply for Work-Study?  What are your expectations?

You may apply as many times as you like, if I am available and you are still in good standing.  My expectations are simple.  Be a man of your word.  Integrity is sometimes sorely lacking in our society.  I expect you to fulfill the terms of your contract agreement.  I expect you to be open and honest about complications when they arise.  I expect you to not make drastic or hasty decisions without consulting me first.  I expect every order given to be executed without complaint.  Every expectation and boundary will be discussed and agreed upon prior to confirming a Work-Study contract agreement.

Are these services refundable?

No.  You receive a FREE email consultation no matter which form of mentoring you sign up for.  The purpose of the consultation is to determine if mentoring is a right fit for you.  No purchase is necessary to receive a consultation. Make sure to think about what it is you seek before filling out the application form. Your FREE consultation will be based on what you shared on the form.

Can I apply to become a full-time servant through regular Work-Study mentoring?

Yes.  One major benefit from Work-Study is the up close and personal experience you receive through real time learning and service.  You get the opportunity to learn more about me and my approach to the Lifestyle.  You get the chance to discover who you are and what direction you wish to take.  After a session or two, some decide that the Lifestyle isn’t for them but appreciate the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity.  Others thrive in the experience and feel disappointment when it has to end.  For those who wish to take their experience to the next level,  registered time as a Work-Study mentoree can be taken into consideration when applying directly for a potentially more permanent situation.  The criteria for full time servitude can be discussed once your interest has been brought to my attention.

Why is there a registration fee?

Lifestyle mentoring students who are referred to Work-Study are exempt.  Since the Work-Study programs can be applied for independently, this requires a donation of good faith.   The $25 registration fee is non-refundable.  Not sure if this is something you wish to try?  You receive a free email consultation about any program you are interested in.

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