Weekend Service

Program Information

Weekend Service, part of the Black Sovereign University Work-Study program, offers the participant a chance to “serve and learn” by spending a few days or a weekend in the role of my personal slave.  This arrangement will be considered a binding temporary service contract for the agreed upon days.

  • There is no fee for this program as it only requires the availability to travel to Denver, Colorado as well as provide personal services for the duration of the proposed visit.
  • A webcam or phone interview may also be required.
  • Some expected expenses may result from obtaining hotel accommodations (required for some applicants) and personal expenses, in addition to round-trip airfare.  All of which will be discussed prior to an agreement of service.

This is perfect for Lifestyle and fetish enthusiasts who seek the “full service” experience within the confines of an agreed upon timeframe (temporary servitude).

With Weekend Service, I seek submissives who are willing and able to provide complete hospitality (if possible). Each opportunity would be unique to fit the needs of both parties.

To learn more or apply, fill out the application.

Work-Study Application

Work Study Mentoring Application

Please fill out all required parts of the application form below. If you have already paid the registration fee, make sure to select that option under Free Consultation Validation. Previously paid Lifestyle mentoring sessions qualifies you for a waiver.

Inquiries Only:
Please use either the [Initial Contact Form] or select [I am only inquiring] under Free Consultation Validation, after completely filling out the application below. If you decide later to proceed with applying for one of the mentoring opportunities offered, you would not have to fill out this application again.

Legal name only.
Legal name or initial.
Nicknames are allowed.
Enter your date of birth
Male, Female, CD/TV, Transman, etc.
No abbreviations.
No abbreviations.
Enter Country if no zip/postal exists
Please make sure its correct.
Chat software or Voice contact purposes only.
Personal website, blog, social media profile, etc.
Please select only one option.
Your preference will be taken into consideration.
Selected days should include arrival and departure.
Selected days will be considered full availability.
Choose one that best fits your availability.
This option is currently NOT AVAILABLE.
Use only if you have paid for a Lifestyle mentoring session.
Include as much detail as possible. Response timeframes will vary based on what has been entered.
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