When you view your profile, the About section is shown by default.  Simply click Edit to see the new profile questions.  If available, also click the Expand button.

Existing Members of this website can now add more details to their profiles!  You can add both a profile and cover photo.  The profile photo must include your face*.  Any photo may be used for your cover photo.

*For the Profile photo requiring your face/head to be shown, these variations are accepted:

  • Full body photo
  • Closeup full head shot
  • Half Face (shown from the nose down to at least shoulders/chest)
  • Wearing regular sized sunglasses or blindfolds (full face)
  • Side Profile of face
  • Wearing a hat/cap that is covering your eyes (full face)

Groups are basically subscription/membership levels.  Everyone who joins is added to the Subscriber Group (Silver) by default.  Your profile will show the badge of the Group you belong to in the upper right corner.  More group levels will be added in the future.

The Blog section is a new user blog feature for the profile.  In the Create a Blog Post area, you can now create your own user blog post(s).  Any blog posts you’ve created will show up here.    If you have added friends, they will see your post and can comment.

You can now send private Messages to your friends or other members, including Black Sovereign.  Use this feature responsibly.

The Notifications section literally speaks for itself.  Check it to see if anything is pending to be viewed.

As you now know, you can become Friends with other Black Sovereign members.  This section is where you can see the number of Friends you have, any pending requests from others to Friend you as well as the number of outstanding requests you’ve sent to others.  Keep in mind that acceptance of your request requires the other member to login to his account.

The Settings section allows you to Edit your profile and Reset your password.


If you have any questions not answered here, click Leave a Message (on the sidebar) or send one directly to Black Sovereign under Messages.