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featuredimg_750x500_lifestyleLifestyle Mentoring can help in a number of ways.  If you are a submissive, you will have access to a Master who has trained over 80 submissive men and women over the course of 20+ years. Everyones situation is always different.  No two persons are alike nor what they seek from this Life. This is why it is important to have a good grasp on what motivates you to be who you feel you truly are.

I always ask a sub this important and crucial question… what exactly is your aspiration in life? 

Seemingly easy question, right?  Well, it seems easy but for many, it is one of the most difficult realities to face.  People change over time and with those changes, so does their perception of what is real (socially acceptable) and what is fantasy (their true desires).  As your mentor, I can help you bridge the divide between the two realities.

My insight is not limited to just Lifestyle related issues.  I can help you find common ground with other life situations you may be struggling with such as family/relationships, setting career goals, financial goals and general decision making for any number of other issues you may be currently facing.  For many, just having a sincere and genuine listening ear is enough.  Everyone deserves to be heard.

Not sure what it is you are seeking?  That dilemma is more common than you think.  So check out the Mentoring format options I offer by visiting the full Lifestyle Mentoring page, make a purchase, then fill out the application form to gain a FREE initial consultation by email.  You can use that opportunity to tell me what you are sure of.  We can use that as a starting point.

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To get the most out of your session, please take some time to think about why you seek mentoring.  All applications come with a FREE consultation where you can discuss what you are looking for.  You will be asked questions in return to help figure out what “topics” require further discussion.

If seeking to inquire only without making a purchase,  click here or below to use the Initial Contact Form instead. On the Form, be sure to select “mentorship”  as your inquiry type and leave your message.  This may also count as your FREE consultation, depending on the question(s) you ask.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I find that I do better with real time counseling.  Do you offer in-person mentoring?

Yes.  If you are in the Denver, Colorado area (or able to travel), I offer my Work-Study mentoring program which consists of [Weekend Service], [Vacation Service] and [Travel Hosting] opportunties. Work-Study is generally reserved for my mentoring clients as an extension of their training but all three component services can be applied for individually based on availability and qualifications. Click any of the programs mentioned above to learn more.

What do I get with Email mentoring?  Can you explain what the Package for it allows?

Absolutely.  Email mentoring is where you ask a question (a single topic) and we have a discussion about it via email. You can ask up to 10 follow up questions concerning the same topic.  Any new topics asked will need to be purchased.  An email package allows 5 different topics to be discussed. All allowing up to 10 follow ups per topic. This is a great deal for those who do not reside locally or cannot afford to travel.

What do I get with Chat mentoring?  Can you explain what the Package for it allows?

Sure.  Chat mentoring is where we have a text-based conversation about any topic of your choosing using chat software like Telegram, Skype, Google Hangout, etc.  Unlike email mentoring, this is a more interactive conversation which has a time limit of 1 hour.  For many, one session is never enough as an hour can pass very quickly without knowing it.

A package allows 3 sessions at 1 hour each.  You can choose to spread them out over an agreed upon time frame or combine them and have up to a 3 hour session (if time is available).

What do I get with Voice mentoring?  Can you explain what the Package for it allows?

Similar to chat mentoring, Voice or Phone mentoring is where we have an actual vocal conversation about any topic of your choosing using VOIP software like Skype, Google Hangout, etc.  Unlike email or even chat mentoring, this is the best interactive conversation which also has a time limit of 1 hour.  For many, one session is never enough as an hour can pass very quickly without knowing it.

A package allows 3 sessions at 1 hour each but you can combine them for up to 3 hours (if time is available).  Due to privacy concerns,  I do not currently offer a videocam session; however this may change with subsequent sessions as trust is established. The purpose of a voice session is to provide a more real time experience from being able to listen to my voice as I interact with you.

Are these services refundable?

No.  You receive a FREE email consultation no matter which form of mentoring you sign up for. The purpose of the consultation is to determine if mentoring is a right fit for you.  No purchase is necessary to receive a consultation. Make sure to think about what it is you seek before filling out the application form. Your FREE consultation will be based on what you share on the form.

Do you also offer some type of Lifestyle placement service?

Not currently.  I can only mentor you on how to approach the Lifestyle in a more realistic manner or offer guidance in the event you meet a Dom on your own.   However, I may offer some form of referral service in the future.  Present and previous mentoring students will be automatically notified if the service becomes available.




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