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A Unique Handball Experience

Denver Handball Club was originally formed back in 2006.  It was just a small fisting network with local area play buddies from Recon, Asspig and other sites.  For about 3 years, we had semi-monthly play parties and invited new local and out-of-towner hookups to the group.  Keeping things small and private meant that the quality of the men involved were higher.  We all knew everyone’s skill level and safety was never an issue.  Plus, all participants always committed to showing up to a scheduled play session.  I introduced training for newbies who needed to gain experience.

The kink site, Asspig, allowed everyone to network with others and the certification function became a great way to advertise ones viability as a play partner.  Successful hookups made on the site would turn into potential new members for DHC.  The format for the club focused on networking with trusted, reliable fisters and fistees. Unfortunately, a few of the buddies who originally helped start and run DHC moved out of state. Eventually,because of  increased responsibilities at my job and my own extracurricular activities,  scheduling the play groups became less frequent.

Finding others willing to help out with logistics proved fruitless and as a result, in 2009, the Denver Handball Club became defunct.

In 2012, I started getting inquiries about DHC and whether I was still doing play groups.  I put a post about it in on the Asspig forums and received responses from men in other surrounding states such as Wyoming and New Mexico who were definitely interested.  I decided to try and get back to basics with the concept and restart the club idea in 2014. Keeping it small and hopefully seeing the idea take off from there.  Its always been my impression that most men want to come to the party but don’t want to take the time to develop anything beyond the physical aspect of fisting.  As interest continues to grow, I hope people can come together and have a great time with each other.

Who knows, if there’s enough momentum, we could see our first major Fisting event right here in the Denver area. I did know at least one established fisting organization was interested when I shopped around the idea a couple years ago.

As of 2014, DHC is now part of Denver Fist

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Denver Fist Application Form

Denver Fist Application

Please fill out the following questionnaire in order to express your interest in Denver Fist and Denver Handball Club. Opportunities to get involved with the planning and execution of play parties and training events are now available.

First name and initial of last name preferred (no nicknames please)
Profile name on sites like asspig, recon, etc
Used for texting only
Social media, blog, xtube, etc
You can opt to not have your face shown and you will be provided a copy
This option is for demographic purposes, you may still enter your city below
Out-of-Towners and frequent visitors are welcome. City, State or Country
This is completely optional but appreciated if you can help out in some way

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