Cruising through Malibu Canyon (10.28.12)

Location:  Malibu Canyon Road, Malibu

Malibu Canyon Road, County Route N1, is a scenic two-lane connector that runs from US 101 near Calabasas to SR-1 in Malibu. From US 101 to Piuma Road, it is called Las Virgenes Road. South of that point to SR-1, it is Malibu Canyon Road. It is the southern section in particular that is the most scenic. It runs through a deep canyon with steep cliffs on both sides. Large sandstone outcrops can be seen on both sides with waterfalls in wetter years.

If you ever get to explore, it is an extremely relaxing drive.  Colorado has similar canyons with steep cliffs on all sides but doesn’t have the sudden appearance of the majestic Pacific Ocean towards the end of those drives.

I enjoyed exploring this with my two subs, Dave and JT (whom had just flown in from Alaska enduring nearly 12 hours of layover hell to spend one day of my vacation with me).  At one point in the video, I catch him napping in the back seat.  He could be forgiven for that.


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