Black Sovereign University presents:

Playing The Game

Life is just a play with no rehearsal.  Think of your day to day life as a game.  And, what happens when you play a game repeatedly?  You become a Master of it.  Learning from losing and making mistakes.  Although, most mistakes can be avoided if you learn about the hidden tricks and cheats beforehand.  This Lifestyle is a game.

And Game recognizes game.

Understanding how people work should be something you as Black Masters and Dominants would already be familiar with.  Growing up and going through all the trials and tribulations that Black people experience is equivalent to a college level course.  Nobody else knows Us like we know ourselves.  Unless they lived it.  And, that gives you the advantage… if you choose to take it.

By now, you should already know who you are and what you want.  You have established your brand and now ready to allow yourself to find exactly what you are looking for.  Lets cover some of the subject matters that you will most likely encounter on this journey.


 RACE:  A submissive comes in many shapes, sizes and colors.  Know what you are attracted to physically.  And don’t be afraid to try something “different”.  While most focus on subjugating subs of Caucasian descent,  there are many other ethnicities whom are just as devoted as well.  Latinos, Arabs, Asians, and Indians are apart of that mix.  I have been served by all.  Each group has its own attributes that may appeal to you.  Give them a chance if approached.  Try not to let stereotypes cloud your judgment.  

I didn’t mention Black subs because I feel that does not need to be covered.  Most of Us already prefer our own kind so this is mainly for those of you who, like me, do enjoy or are curious about the interracial aspect of Domination. But, do give your brotha subs a chance if approached.  The theme here is equal opportunity


♠ FAKES & FLAKES:  They are everywhere and I can say with 100% certainty that you will encounter them (if you haven’t already).  There is no defense against this scourge of undisciplined submissive wanna-be’s except to look for the signs.  Beware of those who are quick to call you “Master” before they have even met you.  Many subs already know to show respect by addressing you as “Sir”.  If you have to instruct someone who has approached you about serving on how to address you, then that’s a red flag in my book.  Giving proper respect should be innate not learned. It is not uncommon to expect a sub to have done his own research prior to seeking to be of service. Their whole purpose is to be useful and an asset with a goal of becoming hassle-free.  If it feels like a job to initially train and mold a sub then most likely, they are not the right fit for you.  If you’re getting push back from a sub or experiencing too many hesitations complying with your requests, then they are not the right fit for you.  Do not confuse this with providing directions and guidelines on what you prefer.  This is about what every sub should already know prior to even approaching a Dominant.  Every single contact and conversation you have with them is a test.  Look for the signs and most of all, always trust your instincts.

If they flake on you, don’t be mad.  Be relieved.  You just dodged a bullet.  Record and save their contact information for later as well as to share with others.  That flake will resurface again, at some point. They will have it in their minds that We will understand that they were not ready (at the time) but want a second chance to prove that they are now.  It’s like dating a cheater, if they cheated on someone else, what makes them think they won’t cheat on you as well?  Once a flake, always a flake.  It’s a defect in the content of their character.  Remember that.  I penalize subs who want second chances by requiring monetary compensation as a security deposit on my time.


♠ FETISHISTS:  I consider anyone who tells me how much they love serving BBC (big black cock), asks about your dick size and/or requires exact measurements, or immediately chronicles how they wish to be subjugated by you as a Fetishist.  The word RESPECT will become a major beacon in navigating the sea of subs who may approach you.  You do not want to become jack-off fodder or a commodity for these people.  I won’t go into detail as to what a Fetishist is.  The label speaks for itself.  Trust your instincts.


♠ OLDER VS. YOUNGER:  I have a slave who is 26 years my senior.  And, have been serving me faithfully for over 10 years now.  I also have a sub who is 23 years my junior who has been serving faithfully for almost 3 years now. The common denominator is not the distance in age or length of time they served.  It is how they gained my trust and kept my interest.  The content of a submissive’s character transcends age.  It’s in your DNA the kind of person you become.  You can teach yourself many things but not that.  You can mask your defects but that requires alot of energy to maintain.  Eventually, the truth always comes out.  You may have your preference in the age of the sub who serves you but do not make the mistake of using age as the deciding factor.  There are plenty of great submissives out there who would do anything to please you.  And remember, the human body is transformable and takes little time to see those physical changes.  The human mind is transformable as well, but takes longer for the effects to genuinely show.  Older subs have the advantage of life experience and loyalty.  There are exceptions of course but that is mostly true.  Younger subs have the advantage of being a clean slate and youth of body.  Again, there are exceptions.  Just like with race… each group has its own attributes that may appeal to you.  Give them a chance if approached.  Try not to let stereotypes cloud your judgment.  The theme here is equal opportunity.


♠ MULTIPLE SUBS:  We all want to find that one sub who can do and be everything for you.  And, it is possible for you to find that connection.  I personally know several Doms who have been lucky enough to obtain just that. But, for others, it may require more than one sub to get all of your needs met.  There are dedicated subs out there who simply wish to serve domestically in a butler/maid/personal assistant kind of capacity.  Completely non-sexual.  I don’t know about you but free labor is free labor.  And being a domestic servant has so many advantages since it doesn’t really require physical attraction.  With so many faggots or sex slaves out there,  you may want to consider a submissive who, although is not able to devote themselves full time; has all of the physical attributes that turn you on.  And, if schedules work out, they gain the opportunity to fulfill their need to be of service and you get what you want as well.  Symbiosis.  The great thing about this Lifestyle is that you tailor it to fit your own needs.  If you want a man-wife/servant kind of relationship, go for it!  There is a sub out who is desperately searching for that as well.  If you want a piece of slave-meat to torture at your leisure, go for it!  There is a sub out there who really wants that as well.  If you want to create a harem of slaves to fulfill every specific sexual need, go for it!   I guarantee that you will find that out there and more.  


♠ DISAPPOINTMENT:  At some point, you may or have become disillusioned and disappointed with this Lifestyle.  Even I considered dropping out of it back in the early 2000’s.  I had become tired of dealing with disappointment and figured there were no good subs out there anymore so contemplated leaving the Lifestyle.  But Life has a way of working out.  I met my Fourth submissive around the same time I had made the decision to leave. I wasn’t even looking yet he found me anyway and worked hard to convince me to give him a chance.  Eventually, he helped restore my faith in this Lifestyle.  And, led to the creation of my personal blog and decision to continue sharing my knowledge online.


Anything is possible.  You just have to want it and make your interests known so that you can attract the right kind of sub.  You deserve to get exactly what you want, the way you want it.  Sounds like a Burger King commercial slogan but it’s true.  Human beings may be an extremely complex species but they are easy to figure out once you know what you are looking for… then casting your net to find it.

So, my message to my fellow Brothers is to know what you want and never give up on obtaining it.  There is someone for each of Us out there.  Just have to help them find you.  And, that’s not going to happen if you take yourself out of the Game.

I just realized half-way through writing this post that each of the subjects above could become their own post.  And maybe I will expand into them later, if there is interest.

Course Series:  Domination 100