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A direct service opportunity is now open for a submissive male seeking to grow and find fulfillment within the service of a Dominant.  Serious inquiries only.

If your application is accepted,  you will initially be assigned duties similar to that of a personal assistant.  This will require you to be flexible skill-wise.  I will only consider applications from those who provide a full, informative introduction about themselves.  This is not a hookup post.

Treat this rare opportunity with the respect and seriousness of a coveted job interview.  Before you fill out the application, read the service descriptions below to see where you fit and select the proper category on the application.  What you select now can always be changed later but be honest about what you can provide.  The most common reason a submissive is dismissed is because they over-promised and thus ended up falling short of expectations. 

Know your role but most importantly, know your capacity to serve.


Part Time Service

Serving part time is a great way to start if you have never served a Dominant before.  It allows more flexibility and balance until you get accustomed to your added responsibilities.  You will have a dedicated service day(s) that is mandatory to observe.  This will be discussed and agreed upon prior to its establishment.  Part Time Service is a local service only designation.

Full Time Service

Serving full time is only for those who can commit to this important and coveted position.  It allows some flexibility with a First Priority Mentality placed on your new responsibilities.  You will have a dedicated service day(s) that is mandatory to observe in addition to being On-Call.  This requires an immediate in-person interview to be scheduled.  Full Time Service is a local service designation.

Temporary Service

Serving temporarily can be viewed as part time as you are serving for a specific time frame.  It allows the most flexibility and usually focuses on just one or more specific service functions.  Perfect for business travelers, vacationers as well as submissives seeking training and guidance.  Expectations will be discussed and agreed upon prior to its establishment.  Temporary service is a local and long-distance service designation.

Long Distance Service

Serving long-distance is probably one of the most difficult positions since you are not able to provide in-person service.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be useful or provide service.  You will not have a dedicated service day but will be required to respond promptly when contacted.  Long distance service is a long-distance service designation with opportunities for upgrading to local service.

Some of your assigned responsibilities may include:

  • Housekeeping/Butler/Cook
  • Personal/Intimate Care
  • Travel/vacation companionship
  • Chauffeuring
  • Administrative assistant
  • Website maintenance (if applicable)
  • Webcam modeling
  • Personal shopper

The listed responsibilities above are just examples of what may be required of you based on what you have to offer.


Entry level (inexperienced) applicants should select “Temporary” when applying.  

Although you may feel that you are ready to dive into service, it is advised to sign up for Temporary Service.  This option provides flexibility and less responsibility which will help you grow at a pace that will not be overwhelming.  You can always ask to upgrade to part time later if local or, Long Distance.  Upgradeabillity is based on your complete service history.  Consistent and reliable service must have been provided for a full three months prior to applying for an upgrade.

Are there opportunities to advance?

Yes,  opportunities to promote to Full-Time Service will become available after one complete year of satisfactory service.  However, you may approach for consideration for an upgrade after the first three months of consistent service.  You will be required to demonstrate good time management skills and have zero discrepancies in service.  Just one missed session or discrepancy in your performance will reset your eligibility.

Mandatory Interview

Once your application has been received and accepted, you will be required to appear for an interview either in-person or via webcam (using either Skype or Google Hangouts) within 1 week or your application becomes invalid.  Interview times are flexible based upon availability.  You may also submit a recorded video interview to the email address provided after you submit your application.  Alternatively, you may ask for a Dropbox folder link to upload  larger files (typically over 2 GB) that cannot be attached to email.


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Personal Servant Application

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