Since turning 40, this past January, I have reflected on the past 10 years. I remember where I was at age 30 in 2004, contemplating leaving the Lifestyle. Then changing my mind a year later when I ended up with 3 devoted slaves… one of which still serves me faithfully to this day.

So what happened to the other two? Well, one let jealousy get the better of him when I agreed to allow a Baltimore area sub, whom he didn’t feel deserved the opportunity, to accompany us at Black B.E.A.T 2005. For anyone who was there and remembers, he was the white sub loaned out to be used in Master Terrell’s brutal flogging demo. My slave forgot his place and was disrespectful when I decided to loan the other sub instead of him… that got him kicked out of my hotel room and later dismissed permanently.

The other, I let go a year later so that he could pursue a career defining job opportunity in the DC area. He begged me to consider relocating with him but I declined.  Not because I didn’t value him enough to consider it but because it was bad timing. We kept in touch and a couple years ago, gave my blessing for him to begin serving another Dominant.

Now in 2014, I once again have a triad of slaves as well as a few other loyal subs whom I mentor. They have earned my trust and work hard to retain it. A Master could not ask for more. Well… that’s not exactly true but I am comfortable where things are now. On my birthday, my slave of almost 10 years asked me if I would consider taking on another slave.

I know where the question comes from. He is in his mid 60’s now and wants to know that I will be taken care of when it comes time for him to retire from active service. We hadn’t talked much about that but I know there will come a time where he may not be able to serve in the same capacity as he does now, despite being in great physical and mental condition. So I have considered it.

My other two slaves are long distance. An experiment that seems to be working thus far. There are challenges, for sure; but each have a unique role to play and they value their relationship with me. More importantly, they work hard everyday to show me how grateful they are.  That is a quality that can never be learned or taught.

Each of them knows that once I start questioning their usefulness as slaves… dismissal is not far behind.

There never should be a doubt about who is serving whom. And if there is… someone’s gotta go.


So I have opened myself up to the possibility of taking on another eventual slave.  I have also decided to take mentoring to a new level.  For years, I have taken subs under my wing for training.  These are men who knew who they were already but needed a guiding hand.  I call it Lifestyle mentoring.  I’ll be providing more information about it in another post soon.

Along with the new mentoring options I plan to offer,  I am also introducing Work-Study Vacations.  I tried this out last year with great success.  Allowed a sub to accompany me on my vacation where he got the opportunity to serve and learn with me directly for 3 days… as well as relax.  It was a good time and based on that experience,  am looking to expand on the concept.  At this time, it will only be offered to subs I have contact with either via Lifestyle mentoring or acquaintances I’ve gotten to know over the years.

Will this new direction mean that I will no longer share my thoughts and opinions freely via my blog and other avenues?  No.

Will this mean that I am no longer accessible except to subs who want to serve me?  No, as there will be options now one can utilize in order to make contact worthwhile and beneficial to both of us.

One of them is my FetLife group,  The Black Sovereign Network.  A free social group anyone is invited to join.

Another is through commenting directly on my main blog at (for those who prefer not to use social media).  All posts created on my personal site are automatically shared to Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and Facebook so those are viable contact options as well.  I will accept most friend requests.


I’ve been in the Lifestyle since I was 18.  22 years later, I am still here.  I’ve made it work for myself despite the obstacles.  I’ve changed quite a few lives.  And I’ve learned many lessons along the way… both good and bad.  I’ve learned to keep it real.  Learned to keep it simple and as uncomplicated as possible.

And, I will try to continue this trend for the next 25 years…