Later this month, I will be opening registrations for my new social network site. Members of, BMR Skype, BMR blog and the BMR Facebook page will receive the link to register once the site has gone through testing. This is a significant investment of my time and money for this latest endeavor.  Special thank you to those who have donated in the past.  Those proceeds helped in making this decision.  It is something I have wanted for years but never felt inspired enough to make reality.

With this brand new website, I am changing the structure of all of my sites. It will become the network hub of all Black Sovereign communities, including I want to thank everyone who has been a loyal member of this website since I created it in 2011 to take the place of a former Yahoo group I had managed since the mid 2000’s.

This website is not going away but will focus more on my blogging only. Other areas of the site will be spun off into their own websites or “groups” hosted on the new social network hub.  The profile structure you see here will be expanded greatly on the new site.  It will truly be a real social network complete with forums, chat and private groups you can join based on interest.  Your profile page (as well as the Site-wide Activity page) will be your gateway to the site.  The ability to see who is online and/or who has uploaded content will hopefully promote more engagement.

I will be sending a follow up post towards the end of the month with an invitation to the brand new social network site for those who are interested in joining the new mobile friendly community.  Please note that I will not have the ability to transfer your existing profile to this new site as its on a different domain/database so you will have to create a new profile.

If you are interested in helping me test out and develop the new site before the launch in early September, reply to this message or send me a private message with your email address. It will only be used to send you a private enrollment invitation. Although, I am primarily seeking those with technical experience related to WordPress; enthusiastic sub helpers who are reliable and take direction well are also welcome to apply as testers.

Those who apply will be assisting with setup and testing of some of the new site’s functionality and aesthetics.