This true-life story chronicles my experience meeting one of my submissives who will be celebrating his 10 year anniversary in 2015.  My fourth submissive.

Someone asked me recently how I felt about older slaves. When I said I had no problem with age as long as they were well-kept and secure in their personal lives, he seemed surprised. So I explained my view on the subject…

Getting older is basically…. inevitable. But does that mean that becoming a sub or slave has a shelf life? The answer to that is no. If the desire to serve and please is still there then one can still be a good submissive for their Dominant.

I have seen the subtle discrimination in our Lifestyle against older submissives. Even I used to have an age limit that I would not consider crossing. We all know what we find attractive and what we don’t.

Until I met my slave of almost 10 years, Dave.

When we met in 2005, I was considering leaving the Lifestyle as a Dom. I had just turned 30 and he was in his mid 50’s. Still a very handsome man who worked out regularly, I noted that he didn’t act like someone who was of a “certain age”. He worked hard to convince me to give him a chance playing on the fact that it would be reverse discrimination to not have an open mind.

Yes, he went there.  But he was determined and I took notice. So, I put that boi through the wringer to get him to give up.

I was living in Michigan at the time and was going on vacation in the U.P (Upper Peninsula) staying at one of my local sub’s Bed and Breakfast near Mackinaw City. I took that opportunity to have him visit me for a week by flying into Detroit Metro Airport, renting a car and driving nearly 5 hours up to Mackinaw City just to pick me up and drive me all the way back down to Ann Arbor.

And he did it.

I was surprised as hell when I got his phone call telling me he had landed and the near hourly reports of his progress while driving up. What made this so incredible for me is the fact that he was essentially straight, never submitted or served another man and other than email and a few phone conversations, had only been communicating for less than 2 months.

What I didn’t know beforehand was that he had been following me online since 1997 when he came across an old Yahoo GeoCities homepage I had created. My moniker, Black Sovereign wasn’t created until 2000 but he ended up finding me again and learning that I was a Dom.  After reading how open I was about what I was looking for, my words inspired him to take a chance and approach me.

Sounds like a Lifetime movie, doesn’t it? LOL

My point here is that even though he was/is 25 years my senior, what has impressed me the most is his determination to be the best possible slave for me. He knew what he wanted and fought hard to get it. That above all else is what will get my attention… every time. Because you know, as a Dom, that kind of sub will always have your back.

It hasn’t always been perfect (and I never expected it to be).

Keeping it real is a motto I live by daily and our relationship was no different. I helped him plan his retirement. Because of the fitness routine I keep him on, being in excellent physical shape saved his life when he suffered a heart attack a couple years ago at age 62.

He still thanks me for that as he knows without the motivation I give, he wouldn’t have kept himself in as good of shape.

Health issues are unavoidable but they can be managed. Just be smart about it and plan for the worst, even if it never comes. That way you can spend more of your time on the things that do matter… getting served, and serving.

My word of advice to all the older submissives out there who want to serve… take care of you first. Find balance in your life. If you are not already doing so, start exercising regularly. There is no better anti-aging method than working out to keep your body fit and working as it should. If not for the sake of looking your best… then do it to feel your best.

You’re only as old as you feel.