Russel York

Russel York (also known as Russelyorkxxx) is the property of Black Sovereign and employee of his media entity, Black Sovereign Media (BSM) as one of his XCAM Models. It is through and for Black Sovereign that he serves and provides online entertainment for others to enjoy.

Russel came to me seeking a Dom to show him what he was made for.  No-Limits Use.  He likes the idea of being turned into a camwhore as he has already accumulated a large cache of private videos that have never been seen before.  I now own his library.  He can no longer hide from his fate but his transformation also will not happen overnight.  It will be gradual as long as he serves me well.  He is afraid of exposure but knows it is inevitable.   I plan to document his journey through his Tumblr page which will become his official blog.


Russelyork XTube is now active.  Several preview videos have been posted.  For cam services, he will be utilizing Skype and Zoom.  The recorded sessions will be made available.  Thus, if you miss a show, you will still be able to view what was recorded.

Although Slave10 has seen success with the new ESP (Exclusive Service Plan) program where some of our long-time customers and fans rent him for a specified period of time, Russelyork will not be eligible for this program until after 6-8 months of anticipated cam and video work has been completed.  Full length videos are in production and will be made available soon.  Previews can be viewed below.

BSM Video On Demand

Click on any of the titles that interest you in order to view a free preview.  Sign up and get 15 minutes FREE!  Click here to sign up.

XCAM | Russelyork : Gas Station Fill Up (Part 2)

Gas Station Fill Up (Part 2) After being rented out and used for a gangbang, Russelyork is sent to a local gas station to be bred and pissed on by…

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XCAM | Russelyork : Gas Station Fill Up (Part 1)

Gas Station Fill Up (Part 1) After being rented out and used for a gangbang, Russelyork is sent to a local gas station to be bred and pissed on by…

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XCAM | Russelyork : Open House Cumdump

Open House Cumdump Russelyork was tasked with capturing himself being a "no loads refused" cumdump for 8 hours.  These are the highlights of those 8 hours. Craigslist ad placed... door…

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XCAM | Russelyork Fist Fucked by SIR

Fist Fucked by BSX Blacksovereign (BSX) fist fucks His sub russelyork. I love my Sirs sexy voice as he ravages my hole. Love how his large hands stretches and gapes…

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XCAM | Russelyork Barebacked by SIR

Barebacked by BSX Sir Blacksovereign (BSX) uses His new sub bareback for the first time. I love when He breeds me, taking ownership of the hole. Providing pleasure for a…

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XCAM | Introducing Russelyork

Happy HOLEdays! Meet my newest submissive, Russel York who has recently been accepted as a XCAM Model and servant to Black Sovereign and my media company, BSM.  Just like Slave…

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