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Listen to the most popular selections from my Mzeus radio station. Some of the tracks are now for sale. You can find them in my Selz Store or on the BSM Music page. Windows Media Player or similar that can play M3u files may be required. The player below should stream automatically but you may need to “allow pop-ups for this site” if you have a blocker activated. If nothing is playing….

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NOTE:  The following is taken from the Atlantis Jordan Mzeus profile originally written in 2006.

I’m by no means a professional but I think I’ve done pretty well with what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far. Music has always been a major part of my life and it’s what I use to express myself. I’m more concerned with how I feel in a song than by how good it sounds to others. I’ve worked with a variety of other amateur producers around the world via the Internet and online music communities.

I got started producing music back inthe mid-90’s when I bought my first computer. MIDI was the big thing then and it was fun to play around with. Then I entered college and took a music appreciation course to help me fine tune my creative side. My professor was very new school and believed in the hands on approach to music appreciation. Thus, came the group project assignment. We were all given a copy of MTV Music Generator and told to work together to make a 10 track album using just a computer and microphone.

As part of the group assignment, we formed, Dan’tes Inferno. We had so much fun on the project, Let It Go [1997], that we decided to do more beyond the class which spawned the sophomore and junior hip-hop influenced, Swing 2 The Music [1998] and Rekindled [1999]. We all continued to do things together until many of us graduated. Even before this, I started venturing out on my own to tackle other genres I’ve been interested in such as Pop, Dance and other styles of music.

I have done somewhere around 10 albums since 1997. The R&B flavored Just Let It Rain [2002], featuring my cousin and talented producer, Najah and Ride With Me [2003], with my vocal coach, are the only commercial projects done in an actual record studio. Most recently, I decided to finish up some tracks left over from sessions with other artists I have collaborated with. The result is a series called, Unfinished Business [2004]. So far, I have four volumes of music under that title. And I still have enough tracks for probably a couple more if I wanted to do that. But, I haven’t produced much since Ride With Me concentrating on furthering my education and exploring other ventures. Yet, Music still remains a hobby and passion to me.

My latest release is called “End Game“. Although originally produced in 2003, it remained unreleased and unfinished until just last year (2005). I’ve always wanted to do a true multi-genre album and see how it meshes. I’ve always enjoyed taking the route less traveled.

For those who are interested, I do have several albums that you can purchase right now including:

End Game (rel. 2006)

Illusions (rel. 2003)

Return Of The Phoenix (rel. 2002)

Multiples Of One (rel. 2001)

Take Me Higher (rel. 2000)

The Genesis Project (rel. 1999)

NOTE:  None of these albums are currently available for purchase.  I may re-release a couple of them in my Media Store at some point in the future.



The Best of Atlantis Jordan Radio Playlist

1.  “You Must Go”

2.  “Garden Of Eden”

3.  “Ride With Me”

4.  “Born Leader”

5.  “The Power Of Love”

6.  “Just Feel It”

7.  “Everybody (Get Down)”

8.  “Genesis”

9.  “Dreams Lucid”

10.  “Music For Love”

11.  “I Will Love You”

12.  “No Lies”

13. “Endorphine”

14.  “Come As You Are”

15.  “The Analysis”

16.  “Who Stole My Concentration”

17.  “Body And Soul”

18.  “A Better Day”

19.  “That’s How It Goes”

20.  “We Got Game”

21.  “When The Rain Falls”

22.  “Let Yourself Be Free”

23.  “Come With Me”

24.  “The Boulevard”

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