Originally titled “An Unexpected Visit”

This boy has been following me online for years but was afraid to approach me until now.  He signed up for my Weekend Service program where I allow subs to visit me for a weekend under a 2-day service contract.  Usually married men or those seeking to use the opportunity to have their first time experience being a sub/slave take advantage of this no-strings-attached (NSA) arrangement.

He is recently divorced and claimed I had something to do with that.  When I asked him to clarify, he said it was my words from prior articles that spoke to him and encouraged him to stop living a lie and starting living for himself.

Very honest answer.  I was surprised and impressed.  I love when a sub comes into his own, on his own like that.

His visit to Denver was unexpected as we had chatted about him coming out for a weekend in March.  But he couldn’t wait and took an opportunity for a layover at DIA (Denver International Airport) this past Tuesday to come meet me. Luckily for him, that layover coincided with the time that I normally get off work.

We met initially at a coffee shop close to where I work in downtown Denver. He was very easy to spot and I enjoyed the look of pure excitement on his face when our eyes locked in recognition.

He told me I looked even more handsome in person and that he felt nervous all of sudden.  I smiled because this big, masculine looking guy was acting like a bashful teenager.  We talked for a bit and left to return to my place.

He only had 4 hours before his connecting flight took off so I went over the expectations I set for those who serve me.  I couldn’t stop looking at his chest and arms through his shirt.  Man that boy was big.  Believe it or not, he had never had sex with a man before… only fantasized about it.

I did allow him to explore a little by having him get on his knees in front of me (what a hot picture) and rubbing his face in my crotch.  He was hesitant at first but really wanted to please so got more into it.  I got hard and he used his teeth to unzip me and looked up at me.

“Sir…. may I?”

His insecurity was cute.

“You’ve gone this far.  What do you think?”

I allowed him to experience his first time sucking a man’s cock.  A black man’s dick.  The boy was really getting into it.  I gave him pointers that I enjoy and he took to it like fish to water.  His shirt was off by now and and I was getting even more turned on by those massive shoulders and arms.

Then I told him to stop.

He asked why.

I said that I had a creamy surprise if he didn’t.

Took him a moment but then he smiled and said that he loved surprises.

Just the answer I was looking for.  I grabbed his head and shoved my dick back in his mouth.  His muscles tensed as I started to skull fuck him.  He was moaning and making gutteral noises as I started pumping deeper into his mouth and throat.  He started heaving a bit but surprised me by not letting go so I continued.

I hardly EVER cum by getting sucked but damn, that visage of this muscle boy sucking dick for the first time and struggling at it was about to put me over the edge.

I told him to look up at me.  All the struggling had caused his eyes to water so they were a little red and tears were falling but he wasn’t crying.  The look in his eyes was pure hunger.  This boy wanted his surprise and was determined to weather through anything to get it.

Our eyes locked and that was it…. I bucked hard and drove my dick deeper into his throat.  He couldn’t take that and his body reacted by trying to eject my dick…. I grabbed his head with both hands and held him there.

“Take it bitch!  That’s right, take it all!”

I was cumming.  Hot damn, it was hot.  Usually when I cum it’s inside of a hot ass but this blew my mind.  Maybe it was the visual of the mountain of muscle still kneeling in front of me that did it… whatever.  All I know is that it was a great way to end a long day at work.

I looked over at the clock and realized he had an hour and 45 minutes to get back to the airport.  I live about 20 minutes from there.  But he would need time to return his rental and get through security.

But… before I allowed him to leave.  I had to see that bubble butt I had been eyeballing all evening.  He complied immediately.  I will definitely be hitting that the next time he visits.  He was honest in his fear about taking it up the ass but wants me to be his first.

We will be communicating on when he’ll be able to formally visit for a full weekend of service.

He got back to the airport with 10 minutes to spare before boarding.  When he left my place, he was all smiles.  He texted me at the airport.  Again when he landed. And every morning since that day.

His text this morning:

“Good morning SIR!  Thank you again for allowing me to see you Tuesday.  I apologize for sounding like a broken record but I can’t help it!  You are this combination of nice guy, Superior dominant and something else.  You make me feel at home.  It scared me a little when I was sitting on the plane and reran the experience through my head.  I sucked cock for the first time!!!  I had your cum in my mouth!  Your cum tasted very sweet by the way SIR.  I never thought I’d say that either!  Okay Sir, I will stop here as I don’t want to blow up your phone with yet another long text message.  You make me crazy but I like it.  I haven’t felt this alive in years.  I want to thank you for that.  Have a good day SIR. So looking forward to serving you again soon!”

I love watching new subs come into their own.  All many need is that one experience to open the floodgates.  Once that happens, there’s no going back.