Chocolate Cake

Little Timmy got a chocolate cake made for him by his mom for his birthday.  When she wasn’t looking, he smeared the chocolate frosting all over his face and said “look mom, I’m black”.

She turned around, saw what he had done and slapped him.  “Don’t you ever say that in this house.  Now, go show your father what you just showed me.”

He put the chocolate back on his face and went to his dad.  “Look daddy, I’m… I’m black.”

His father slapped him.  “Don’t say this.  Go tell your grandfather what you just told me.”

“I’m black, grandpa –.”  Slapped him.  “Go back to your mother.”

His mother sat him down and said, “Now, Timmy.  What did you learn today?”

Timmy turned his puffy face up to his mom and said,  “I learned…  I have only been black for ten minutes and I already hate you white people.”


Getting consistently smacked down just because of the color of your skin will alter anyone’s perception after they experience it themselves.


Courtesy of the ever clever, Paul Mooney