When I started exploring the BDSM world, I expected to deal with the good and the bad. I expected to face alot of disappointment and frustration. I also expected to feel used and objectified most of the time… all of which I have gone through over the past 25 years.

I have thought about leaving the Lifestyle many times and had done so twice. Once due to meeting someone who ended up satisfying ALL of my needs. The other as a result of being betrayed in one of the worst ways possible.

In 2014, I turned 40 and after reviewing my life and current state of happiness decided to do something I had never done before… get personal. Many would argue that I have always been personal whenever I’ve shared my thoughts and opinions for consumption online. But, there are certain things I’ve kept private.

Ever notice that I have only published blog articles about my first, fourth and fifth submissives? Well, those private posts will be released as part of my new journey. I’ve already posted recently about my second submissive. They will still have their original creation dates from 2011. Those who have registered for email notifications of new posts on this site will be the first to see them.

The article about my third submissive is taking longer to make available as it is long, detailed and even more personal than the one about my second.

I have always struggled with spreading myself too thin and thus have been pulling back from social media more over the past couple years to focus solely on my site(s).

At this stage in my life, I am focusing and refocusing on personal projects and goals. This includes openings for a new servant(s) and opportunities for permanent ownership.

Stay tuned for more information…