This week has been one of various changes. Changes at work, changes at home… and changes in overall perspective concerning the relationships you have.

Sometimes we forget that we are human. That we are emotional creatures yet social perceptions shape how we deal with that side of ourselves. We make concessions based on what we perceive to be “good investments”. We go against our better nature when making decisions that affect our happiness. We essentially do everything but what we should be doing for ourselves.

Remember that I said “sometimes”. But if you are real with yourself, then that sometimes may be alot more times than you care to admit.

Whatever choices we make… it is the choice that feels right at the time. No regrets.

Keeping things real is what gets you through the bullshit that is the human condition. But no one is perfect. Anyone who says differently is pulling your dick.

As Doms, we invest our time into molding and training subs. The time spent should always be repaid in loyalty and devotion to pleasing Us. Again, I said “should”. But as any Dom can attest, that is rarely the case.

Is it the subs fault? Sometimes. Is it the Doms fault? Sometimes. There are just too many factors to really put the blame on any one except for the simple truth. Relationships of any type need to be nurtured by both parties.

This is null and void when the focus is instant gratification. You play a role. Get what you want and then its on to the next. No investment of time necessary.

But if you want something more substantial and real… then keep it real. Know your limitations. Know what you want. Most importantly, know what you need. Pretending only takes you so far before reality comes crashing down.

How does one know what they need? Unfortunately, only you know the answer to that.

Whatever you do, just try to keep it real.

Life is less complicated that way.