I am vacationing in Southern California at the end of this month around Halloween and will be accompanied by my personal assistant, Dave and a new long distance sub, by the name of Jay, whom has visited me a couple times since we first met on Memorial Day.  I knew that he was just discovering his submissive side and that meeting me helped him come to terms with it.  Being very shy and “damaged” in a way, I didn’t expect much from him.  He was the first applicant for my new Weekend Service program.

Over the last few months, he has consistently stayed in touch with me and has found time to devote a day to serving me whenever he was in the area visiting his family.  In July, I made him aware that I would be taking a week vacation in the Los Angeles area in October.  He stated that he would love to meet me there to serve.  Now, I’m thinking he meant take his vacation during that time as well…. until I received his confirmation email last night.

“Sir:  Although the prices haven’t gone down, I did get my money so I can buy my ticket.  I have the following ticket ‘on hold’.  It will give me most of Saturday and Sunday, without missing work.  Please let me know if it works for you and I will confirm.  They gave me 24 hours.
Depart Anchorage – 10 PM Oct. 26, Arrive at LAX 9:11 AM (Oct. 27th)
Depart LAX – 5:55 PM Oct. 28, Arrive at Anchorage 12:54 AM (October 29th)
Thank you, Jay”

I re-read his email just to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me.  He is literally flying in on a Saturday morning (an hour before my own flight arrives – after flying out on Friday NIGHT) and leaving on Sunday at 6pm.  When he said the prices had not changed, my curiousity took over and I went to Travelocity to see how much that trip would cost.  I saw a deal (that was ending in 24 hours) for $477.00.  Remember, that he is flying down from Anchorage, Alaska so flights are rare and not cheap.

Part of me wanted to tell him to save his money.  But, then I remembered our last conversation during his visit in September.  He said that he was excited that I was allowing him to share in my vacation and that he wanted to make me happy.  Making me happy is very important to Jay.  I asked him why and he simply said that I deserved it.  He says that I have been very good to him and that he enjoys serving me more than he ever realized.  I know that he has self-esteem issues as well as a very abusive past.  And I also know that I have his loyalty.  But I never imagined anyone spending half a grand to fly out for a day just to be with me and contribute to my vacation.

As a Dominant and Master, I should not be surprised by his actions as he clearly holds me in high esteem but my reality is that most submissives are all words and no action.  Fear has a way of getting in the way of most.  Many more have lost precious opportunities as a result of letting their pride and/or fear get in the way… and I don’t give second chances (okay, once… and he still serves me to this day but that was a rare exception).  I simply refocus on the next submissive who wants a chance to prove themselves.  I know I deserve the best.  But when I see a sub’s actions actually backed up the words… it does surprise me.  I purposely set the expectation with myself to be disappointed.  It’s a defense mechanism that keeps me from putting alot of my time and attention into someone who will just end up failing me in the end anyway.

So when a sub actually follows through and exceeds my expectations.  It does affect me.  It genuinely surprises me, actually.  I sent back a message letting him know that the timeframe was okay and to book the flight.  Jay has been my little pet project, since May, as he is very new to being a submissive but he is a natural at it.  When you look at him, you would never guess he was submissive.

And that’s how I like them.  Blank canvases to turn into my own personal masterpieces.