During the week of January 10th, 2014, I celebrated my 40th birthday with my subs and some friends in Los Angeles, CA. At a winery in the hills near Calabasas, a small surprise birthday party took place followed by a light picnic at a beach in Malibu. It was unexpected and nice. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself… maybe a little too much at the winery, but I was entitled.

While relaxing at the beach, one sub approached about interviewing me in honor of my 40th milestone. I consented with the condition that the questions not be too intrusive.


Sir, how does it feel to turn 40?

It feels better than I expected. Back in the day, most 40 year olds looked like they were 60. Nowadays, 40 is the new 30 and I definitely feel and look like I am. Most of that is attributed to a healthy smoke and drug-free lifestyle plus proper hydration.

Sir, do you feel that you have changed a lot since you were 20? Or even 30?

Yes, I have. Although, I have retained elements of who I was at 20; I’m too evolved to ever go back. I can’t allow myself to become “stuck”. As they say, life is just a play with no rehearsal. You mess up, you learn and keep moving forward. There are no retakes. Just myriad opportunities to reinvent oneself.

I remember your interview from 2007 with Dark Connections. It was pretty informational from a learning standpoint… about you, Sir. With your permission, i would like to continue the spirit of that interview with some personal questions of my own.

Certainly. I will let you know if a topic is off-limits.

Yes Sir.  Are you still active in the handball community?

No. At least not as much as I used to. The only time I indulge now is with subs and slaves and/or training under my Denver Fist program. Over time, it has lost its appeal. As a top, fisting is a lot of work with minimal benefits unless with a sub whose focus is on your pleasure. The thing I hated most were the goal oriented bottoms or those with too many restrictions. It became about them and that turns me off. Bossy bottoms. That’s the term I was going for.

Sir, the DC interviewer mentioned you having a hit club record but you made no real references to it. I have noticed some songs for sale in your new media store. Would you elaborate on this? Are those the songs that were club hits?

Yes, that. I did have a hit record in terms of sales and streaming on a site called MP3.com (circa 2002). Back then the site catered solely to indie and amateur artists. You could showcase and even sell CD’s through the site. It was a fantastic service before Vivendi Universal bought them out. My one track, The Phoenix ended up topping the North American club/dance charts for 6 weeks. The other tracks you saw in the store such as The Power of Love and Never Look Back were hits too. Due to an agreement between me and a collaborator, I won’t put The Phoenix in the store. I haven’t produced any music since 2006. It was mostly just a hobby for me anyway. A creative outlet.

Sir, how many subs and/or slaves you have now? Does any of the ones you mentioned in 2007 still serve you today?

Since a sub and slave are different from each other in terms of their level of commitment, I have about 3 subs and 3 slaves. As you are aware, a sub submits but is not owned. He chooses to be aligned with a Dom/Master but it not linked directly. Subs come and go. The ones I mentioned in the interview no longer serve me except for my one slave, whom I met 3 years prior. He is committed to me as are my other 2 slaves whom have proven their loyalty many times over. This is not an easy lifestyle to partake in. It takes a hell of a lot of strength to make the decision to become a slave. All of my slaves have attained their status because they earned my respect. And in return, I bring balance to every aspect of their lives.

Sir, can you explain what your new program, Skinful Therapy entails?

The program is not new. Just never had a name before. Skinful Therapy is a mentoring program that involves real-time life(style) coaching . Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I used to train subs for other Doms. It was a very lucrative endeavor. Subs would be sent to me for training over a long weekend. I was paid a day rate for the training depending upon what was needed. Used to average about two trainees a month over a four year period. I get subs who approach me about training all the time. Most are very respectful and truly wish to learn how to unlock their potential. Others… a complete waste of my time. The program is split into 3 options. Lifestyle Mentoring includes a choice of email, voice and webcam mentoring for a fee. Mentoring Massage is only offered locally but involves coaching + massage. That option seems to be very popular with straight and married men as it gives them a cover for the true purpose of their visits. And finally, there is Work-Study Mentorship. This includes the options of Weekend and Vacation Service plus Travel Hosting. Just as the name suggests, work-study allows qualified individuals to “serve and learn” directly under me. There is no fee for this option however I am highly selective of those I accept for service. The only real costs are flight and hotel accommodations as I am receiving your service as payment for my time.

The whole point is to be compensated in some way for the time and energy that goes into training. With the Internet, most subs seem to have this idea that everything should be free. Even access to a knowledgeable Dom. Black Doms do not grow on trees and are not to be taken for granted. If paying for my time offends then good. That’s the point. Don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours.

Sir, you mentioned a group vacation for those into BDSM. That sounds like a lot of fun! Can you provide more information on this?

Yes, these were vacations sponsored by Dark Connections. Group vacations are beneficial as you can save money on accommodations with group rates at all-inclusive resorts and in some cases, on airfare. I’ve already started experimenting with my own Vacation Service where a sub is allowed to attend me during my vacation trips. Meals and accommodations are shared during this time. It is just more fun to vacation with other people and economical as well. I want to attempt a large group vacation at some point in the future.

Sir, you have a section on your website called Black Sovereign University, is this a curriculum or actual school?

It used to be called Black Reign University. Right now, it is just a category for my educational postings. Skinful Therapy is the evolution of Black Sovereign University (BSU). I’ve been active in this Lifestyle for close to 25 years. That’s a quarter century and alot of knowledge and experience. Human beings are not that hard to figure out once you learn their pattern of behavior and social programming. In the past, I was all about sharing my knowledge and reaching out to potentials who were worth the investment to develop. Nowadays, I’m focused more on myself. The world is more connected now than it ever has been in human history. What I started in the mid 90’s is now echoed over cyberspace in the form of millennials who started their own enlightenment early.

I know I have many silent followers. You wouldn’t know it by the number of followers and likes I have on social media but they usually make themselves known after some time. Some reveal they have been following me for years. This is always nice to know but, I no longer feel that I have anything new to contribute. My subs would beg to differ but it’s how I feel. I will continue to share knowledge freely on my blog, if I feel its relevant. Otherwise, the Skinful Therapy program will be the only way to provide hands on training and mentoring to a sub who can show with actions (instead of just words) that he truly wants to reach his potential.

Sir, I know I can speak for most subs in saying that what you have done over the years is greatly appreciated and valued. Although you may not hear it enough from us, we are grateful for the knowledge and wisdom you have freely shared in the past. Please know that for some of us, we wouldn’t have found the courage to explore this Lifestyle without your ideology. Your realistic and attainable approach. Sir, I know you have affected me greatly and I am so honored to be allowed here today to help celebrate your birthday.

Thank you. You didn’t have to say all of that but I appreciate it.

I know, Sir. But you taught me the value of proper communication. Of expressing ones feelings freely even when words are not necessary. Thank you again for all that you do. I couldn’t imagine this world without you in it, Sir.

Alright, lets not get too mushy here. Did you have any more questions to ask?

Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir. In the 2007 interview you mentioned an autobiography, The Black Sovereign Chronicles. Did that ever get published? And if so, where can we get a copy?

No, it did not get published. The project was far larger than I realized, at the time.  I ended up dividing it into different books.  I am currently working on “The Anatomy of a Submissive”.  Based on my BSU posts, it will be a guide for submissives to help them determine their place.  I only show you to path. Whether you decide to follow it is up to you.

Another book will be called, “Black Sovereign Chronicles” and it will cover my experiences with the five “slaves” I’ve had.  A synopsis of some of those experiences has already been shared on my blog. The book will expand on them. This is the most difficult to write and why the original book was never published.

A third yet “untitled” book will be about my childhood leading up to meeting my first submissive. My experiences are unique but they do tell an excellent story. I plan on having at least one of the books published by the end of the year.

What is your idea of the perfect slave?

Someone who is not afraid to give of himself completely.  His love.  His body.  And, his mind.  Not many find this in traditional relationships and it is rare and special as a result.  It takes incredible courage and strength to allow oneself to trust in this manner.  Within a short time, you can build and change your phyisique.  You can also attain wealth and professional successes through hard work and determination.  But, the one thing you cannot build or buy… is the essence of who you are.

That process began at birth… and remains a work in progress until the day you die.

Who you were yesterday and today will be the same person you are tomorrow.  Therefore, if you have always felt submissive and cannot remember when you didn’t feel that way,  then you are perfect.

Like a fine wine or cheese aged to perfection… time molds us all.



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