I was browsing collarme.com and came across this fellow Dominant’s profile… had me cracking up.  But I do feel him on what he is saying…


Is it REALLY this fucking hard to meet someone on here that is NOT full of shit ??????? I mean come on !!!!!!! REALLY ??????

Who wants to be kidnapped …..

Who wants to be punched and beaten …..

Are you out of you’re fucking minds???

I am 6’5 and weigh 225 lbs. Do you really want me punching you in the face ????

The best is when I get a email from a sub asking me to describe what I would do to her….. “IF” you think I am here to write you emails so you can get off online ….. UMmmmmmm you have another thing coming !!!

I am NOT here for your amusement, nor am I looking for a piece of ass!!!! I am looking for LONG TERM NO BULLSHIT…… NOT A FUCKING PLAY SESSION !

Sick and tired of all you “50 shade’s of Grey” keyboard kinksters…. Get a fucking clue what this LIFE STYLE is all about …….

Amen, my brother.  AMEN!