BSM Video | Ghetto Bewitched (Episode 1)

Episode 1 from the new web series from the Lexitelevision team. If you loved the hit show “Bewitched” you’ll love “Ghetto Bewitched!”

Starring, Lexi as Saquesha Stevens, DW Bass as Darrell, Jezar Riches as Teisha, Paul Dean as Robert, Malachi Myles as Junior, Ashley Kay Evans as Ruby, and introducing Nikki Fioretti as Wendy.

Written by Lexi, Directed by Duane Davis, Jezar Riches, & Lexi.

I usually stay away from anything that would poke fun at Blacks unless it was made by Blacks intended to be humorous while poking a little fun.  This new web series by Lexi Allen of Lexitelevision is a prime example.  I decided to share this on my site because I wanted to support a talented black sister plus I enjoyed her series so much.  And yes, I was a big fan of Bewitched during the re-run mania that was the 80’s.