**Originally posted: August 2012**

A question was made about how to approach a Black man (in public) in order to show that he was available to be used.

Well, as they say “Game recognize game”. And that’s very true. There is no tried and true method to present yourself. Just BE yourself. If you are interested, strike up the courage to say hello and introduce yourself. If you can’t then you are obviously not ready.

A Dominant can recognize when a submissive is interested. It’s like in the dating world, you ALWAYS know when someone is attracted to you… unless you are not paying attention. The sub should take steps to try to get to know the Dominant therefore creating a window where true intentions can be brought to light.

Any subs I’ve met offline have always been that way.

Case in point, on a trip to Italy in 1997… I stayed at the hotel Le Meridien Excelsior Gallia in Milan. While waiting for my slave (at the time) to arrive, I was met by a bellboy who saw me sitting in the lounge and spoke decent English after finding out I was American.

He invited to one of the elegant reception halls for refreshments. I knew immediately that this wasn’t for guests of the hotel as there was a convention going on in an adjourning hall. He kept smiling at me and asking questions. I knew almost immediately from how he was looking at me that he was submissive. So I smiled at him.

That’s my invitation.  Most times, I don’t show any emotion on my face.

I have to admit that the bellboy was very bold. He started complimenting me right away (then again, I did get hit on alot in broad daylight in Germany and Switzerland as well – I love how open most Europeans are) and admitted that he had a fascination with American black men. There were black men in Europe and they were mostly north Africans. Most in Italy were Ethiopian. And I have to admit, they were different. Not much personality in my opinion, more reserved… thus the appeal in American black men I suppose.

During the conversation, Gorgio (the bellboy) dropped to his knees and asked if he could show appreciation. I was a little apprehensive as we were in an empty reception hall and although he had closed the door anyone could have walked in at any time. The last thing I want is to be deported for indecent exposure or something.

But Gorgio assured me it was safe and I allowed him to take out my cock and suck on it. I had never been served in public like that before so it was hot and scary at the same time. That feeling of getting caught was overwhelming. So I stopped him and just as I had finished zipping up… the door opened.

I guess it was his manager and we were ushered out of the hall. I think he got into trouble but he said it was fine. He offered to serve me on his day off but I was only in Milan for a day and a half before heading off to Venice and Verona.

But I have always remembered that experience. It is a great example of how silent communication can work in some cases. Use your best judgement and trust your instincts.

If it doesn’t feel right then don’t do it… no matter how attracted you are.

This is one of those times where using the right “head” will save you from an embarrassing encounter.


For those who don’t understand the term “Game recognize game” then watch this hilarious clip from “The Boondocks”