Black Sovereign University presents:

Fresh Meat Submissives

Right now, I’m sure your brain is probably trying to connect the play on words either with the term “Freshmen” or some kinky gay porn movie title. We will go with the former, a label designating new inexperienced students who are attending an educational establishment. I feel this is the best description to give due to its subject matter… inexperienced submissives.

There are those of you who are just starting out and wish to be guided or trained by an experienced Dom. Well, number one… congrats on having the courage to accept who and what you are by actively seeking a Dom. Number two, pay very close attention to this article and the important points covered.

Acknowledging that you are a submissive and that you wish to be dominated by a Black Superior male is a significant revelation. And I’m sure you have trepidations about the journey you want to undertake. I have a couple of posts that cover some basics that I feel you would find useful.

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Discovering a place for this Lifestyle within your life is your biggest challenge. It is recommended that you start out slowly and focus on exploring different aspects of the Lifestyle that appeal to you the most. Finding someone or a community of people who share the same interests is the best tool to accomplish this.

If you feel you are ready, then you need to begin “building your brand”.  Since the majority of your search will most likely be online,  it is imperative that you create a viable and effective web presence.  This includes a written introduction (or profile), photo(s) and contact information.

Dominants are very visual.  Especially when dealing with meeting people online.  Our first impression will most likely be your photo or video.  A well-written, descriptive profile is vital if the first two are not available.  You can’t expect anyone to be interested in you if there is nothing to reference.

The same applies to effectively advertising yourself.  Whether you want to think about it or not, you will be competing with other submissives who are searching for opportunities as well.  Some of whom will have an advantage in knowing exactly how to market themselves from prior experience.

Experience you don’t have… yet.

But, that doesn’t mean you should not try or feel discouraged.  Knowing who you are and what you want RIGHT NOW is critical.  The road ahead will become more clear as you gain experience over time.  For now, here is what I suggest you do:


Create your online persona

Most will call themselves slave, sub, pussyboi, etc (example:  sub john or lasubbttm).  Whatever fits your character and taste.  A Dom may rename you if he feels there is a better fit… but for now, choose something that represents you.  Make sure to secure this persona by creating a free online email account with popular services like Gmail and Outlook which both offer free cloud storage (which help in sending and receiving large files).  With the added benefit of backing up photos/videos from your phone.


Take some photos of yourself

For the privacy conscious, you do not have to photograph above the neck.  Focus on clear images of your entire body or specific body parts like your ass.  Whatever you feel your best features are.  Take at least three photos in different positions.  Play around with it and select what looks the most flattering and attractive.


Create an online profile

To save time on introductions, having an existing profile on social media (Tumblr, Facebook, etc) or a hookup site will be necessary.  Plus, it provides a permanent advertising tool.  On the profile, use your online persona as your profile handle.  Upload the new photos of yourself and write a descriptive intro of who you are and what you are looking for.  Doesn’t have to be a documentary but more or less something short, sweet and to the point.


Join social networking sites

There are plenty of websites out there that cater to Fetish lifestyles such as FetLife, Recon and Collarspace. Join those and start searching for members who appeal to you.  FetLife offers groups where you can ask questions and get involved in conversations about various topics.  I host two groups on FetLife, The Black Sovereign Network and Black Mans Revenge.  Feel free to join them as a starting point.


Take time out to think about what you can offer right now.  Then, reflect on the things you may want to offer but can’t because you’re simply not there yet.  And, that’s okay.  Gaining experience takes some time.  But, be patient and open-minded about the opportunities that do come your way. Good or bad, every experience is a learning experience.


Course Series:  Submission 100