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Black Sovereign

Who is Black Sovereign?

Black Sovereign represents who I am as a Man. I am a confident black man who has always known exactly who he is… even if I did not always fully understand what that was. I am Sovereign over myself and everything around me. The most important part of that identity being absolute confidence in my ability to run my own life. You can’t expect to be followed if your own life is a mess.

I actually create the moniker in 1998 after a British submissive, who had traveled ‘across the pond’ to serve me as a way to spend his entire holiday, kept addressing to me as his ‘Sovereign’.  When I asked him about it, he stated that I deserved the title and respect.

Are you currently seeking a submissive?

Yes.  A possible live-in situation is available as well.  I will have a post about this opportunity soon.  I don’t do cyber unless you wish to become an XCam model or Travel Host.  For anyone to serve me, you MUST be useful in some way that is beneficial.  Whether that is real time service or by providing valuable skills and services that I may be able to utilize.

I do not accept applications from anyone who is not currently following me.  Sign up to receive notifications of future posts under my blog.  I am notified of every new sign up or follow.  Invest your time in me and I’ll invest in you.  

Do you have a preference in how you are addressed?

I have a title system.  Slave is a term I feel should only be used if the submissive is consensually “owned”.  Sub or Boi is used for submissives who are just getting to know you and have agreed to serve you. The only commitment at that time is a mutual understanding of what the expectations are. A sub/boi can choose to discontinue serving at any time unlike a slave who has decided to align himself permanently.

I prefer to be referred to me as “Sir” when first meeting and getting to know each other. Just like slave, Master should be used when the status dictates; such as when the sub declares his allegiance to the Dominant as owned property or slave. However, I will allow a sub to call me Master if they have a strong desire to do so even after being made aware of my preference. It’s always beneficial to allow natural tendencies to shine.

How do you discuss potential issues and problems with your subs?

I prefer issues to be discussed face-to-face.  If long distance then an email, webcam, voice or text message would suffice.  I teach subs that any issues are to be considered training opportunities.  Learning from ones mistakes is how you become better at who you are and what you do.

Subs are also encouraged to bring issues or concerns directly to me.  Especially, if they could potentially hamper their ability to serve to my satisfaction.

What is the best way to impress you?

What do you know about me thus far?  There is your answer.  Read and sign up on my blogs,  follow me via Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.  Learn about my philosophy.  My vision.  My likes and dislikes.  Just about everything you need to know about Black Sovereign can be learned from the topics I post about.

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Lifestyle Mentorship

I find that I do better with real time counseling.  Do you offer in-person mentoring?

Yes.  If you are in the Denver, Colorado area (or able to travel), I offer my Work-Study mentoring program which consists of [Weekend Service], [Vacation Service] and [Travel Hosting] opportunties. Work-Study is generally reserved for my mentoring clients as an extension of their training but all three component services can be applied for individually based on availability and qualifications. Click any of the programs mentioned above to learn more.

What do I get with Email mentoring?  Can you explain what the Package for it allows?

Absolutely.  Email mentoring is where you ask a question (a single topic) and we have a discussion about it via email. You can ask up to 10 follow up questions concerning the same topic.  Any new topics asked will need to be purchased.  An email package allows 5 different topics to be discussed. All allowing up to 10 follow ups per topic. This is a great deal for those who do not reside locally or cannot afford to travel.

What do I get with Chat mentoring?  Can you explain what the Package for it allows?

Sure.  Chat mentoring is where we have a text-based conversation about any topic of your choosing using chat software like Telegram, Skype, Google Hangout, etc.  Unlike email mentoring, this is a more interactive conversation which has a time limit of 1 hour.  For many, one session is never enough as an hour can pass very quickly without knowing it.

A package allows 3 sessions at 1 hour each.  You can choose to spread them out over an agreed upon time frame or combine them and have up to a 3 hour session (if time is available).

What do I get with Voice mentoring?  Can you explain what the Package for it allows?

Similar to chat mentoring, Voice or Phone mentoring is where we have an actual vocal conversation about any topic of your choosing using VOIP software like Skype, Google Hangout, etc.  Unlike email or even chat mentoring, this is the best interactive conversation which also has a time limit of 1 hour.  For many, one session is never enough as an hour can pass very quickly without knowing it.

A package allows 3 sessions at 1 hour each but you can combine them for up to 3 hours (if time is available).  Due to privacy concerns,  I do not currently offer a videocam session; however this may change with subsequent sessions as trust is established. The purpose of a voice session is to provide a more real time experience from being able to listen to my voice as I interact with you.

Are these services refundable?

No.  You receive a FREE email consultation no matter which form of mentoring you sign up for. The purpose of the consultation is to determine if mentoring is a right fit for you.  No purchase is necessary to receive a consultation. Make sure to think about what it is you seek before filling out the application form. Your FREE consultation will be based on what you share on the form.

Do you also offer some type of Lifestyle placement service?

Not currently.  I can only mentor you on how to approach the Lifestyle in a more realistic manner or offer guidance in the event you meet a Dom on your own.   However, I may offer some form of referral service in the future.  Present and previous mentoring students will be automatically notified if the service becomes available.

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Work-Study Mentorship

What are the requirements to apply?

Payment for this service comes in the form of a short term servitude agreement.  Additional expenses may be incurred such as airline travel, hotel accommodations and car rental (for some services).  Depending on the program selected, the ability to schedule time off to accommodate will be the most important.  Most services only require a maximum of 5-7 days.  The only program that allows flexible scheduling is Weekend Service, since it is only a 1-2 day commitment.

What is Work-Study Mentoring?

Work-Study is the practice of repaying the cost of being mentored through temporary real-time servitude instead of financial compensation.  I have been implementing this practice since 2001 but only started making it available as a public option since 2012.  Lifestyle mentoring is more “academic” in nature while Work-Study mentoring is more “hands on”, where you learn by example.  In an academic setting, you pay a fee for the time spent instructing you.  In a hands-on setting, you pay by agreeing to “serve and learn” based on my requirements.  As exciting as it may sound, it is harder than most think.  For example, if you apply to be a Travel Host, you must be able to open up your home or contribute towards hotel accommodations.  A great deal of initial trust must be provided in order to satisfy the requirements of a Work-Study agreement.  This is one of the reasons why Lifestyle mentoring is a better choice for those who want guidance but need to retain some level of control.

How many times can I apply for Work-Study?  What are your expectations?

You may apply as many times as you like, if I am available and you are still in good standing.  My expectations are simple.  Be a man of your word.  Integrity is sometimes sorely lacking in our society.  I expect you to fulfill the terms of your contract agreement.  I expect you to be open and honest about complications when they arise.  I expect you to not make drastic or hasty decisions without consulting me first.  I expect every order given to be executed without complaint.  Every expectation and boundary will be discussed and agreed upon prior to confirming a Work-Study contract agreement.

Are these services refundable?

No.  You receive a FREE email consultation no matter which form of mentoring you sign up for.  The purpose of the consultation is to determine if mentoring is a right fit for you.  No purchase is necessary to receive a consultation. Make sure to think about what it is you seek before filling out the application form. Your FREE consultation will be based on what you shared on the form.

Can I apply to become a full-time servant through regular Work-Study mentoring?

Yes.  One major benefit from Work-Study is the up close and personal experience you receive through real time learning and service.  You get the opportunity to learn more about me and my approach to the Lifestyle.  You get the chance to discover who you are and what direction you wish to take.  After a session or two, some decide that the Lifestyle isn’t for them but appreciate the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity.  Others thrive in the experience and feel disappointment when it has to end.  For those who wish to take their experience to the next level,  registered time as a Work-Study mentoree can be taken into consideration when applying directly for a potentially more permanent situation.  The criteria for full time servitude can be discussed once your interest has been brought to my attention.

Why is there a registration fee?

Lifestyle mentoring students who are referred to Work-Study are exempt.  Since the Work-Study programs can be applied for independently, this requires a donation of good faith.   The $25 registration fee is non-refundable.  Not sure if this is something you wish to try?  You receive a free email consultation about any program you are interested in.

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XCam Modeling

Do you allow your performers to meet their fans/customers in person?

I am currently experimenting with that option with Slave 10.  I do not run an escort service but if a customer is willing to schedule and work out details for a LIVE show then it would be considered.  They would get the same performances in person as they would on-cam.  There may be exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.  All terms of such a performance would be agreed upon before final approval.

Is being an employee for XCam the same as being a submissive for Black Sovereign?

To be considered an XCam model,  yes.  Although you will be paid a percentage of the revenue earned (unless you opt out), you take your orders from Black Sovereign (me) directly.  This is a great opportunity for those who have limited availability or can only engage in the Lifestyle when its convenient.  You are not under a contract so you can leave at anytime.  Although any recorded content remains property of XCam Media (subsidiary of Black Sovereign Media) including resell rights.

How does webcam modeling benefit me?

Performing online can be a rewarding experience for those who enjoy taking orders and pleasing.  This position is perfect for those who do not have the availability to serve in a more consistent manner.  You choose your own hours with the goal of generating income for your Master as a way to be of service… while making a little extra income for yourself (unless opted out).

Why is a copy of my Photo ID necessary?

All commercial webcam sites that have LIVE performers must be able to prove that their models are at least 18 years of age or older.  This requirement applies globally.  For those who live in countries where privacy is a concern,  consider custom video modeling instead.  We do not require photo ID for video work but you will be required to setup a profile on an amateur video site like Xtube, Xhamster, etc.  They require all members to be 18 years of age or older to join.  These sites would only be used to advertise previews of your homemade videos.

What is meant by the term “Opting Out”?

Some applicants wish to provide their services as an XCam Model without compensation.  The revenue sharing model is for those who need a little extra incentive.  Anyone can become a webcam model and set it up to receive 100% commission however, this is different because you are participating in a program designed to give submissives a way to serve without the commitment or even physical servitude.  For others, this is a way to show loyalty and a desire to please until an in-person encounter can occur.  There are alot of ways you can approach this.  Opting out of compensation must be made clear at the inception of a modeling agreement.

Do you hire models who wish to be anonymous?

You can wear a mask or otherwise hide your identity when performing online.  But for purposes of earning revenue,  you must provide proof of age which means a copy of a photo ID.  An alternative is to make your own videos that can be sold independently.   These are usually recorded performances from cam shows but if you are creative enough, you can perform off-camera and submit your videos to Black Sovereign for sale.  Note that sale videos can take longer to turn a profit compared to cam modeling’s per minute revenue pricing.

Instead of performing online, I’d rather produce my own private home videos for sale.  Do you accept Video Modeling-only applications?

Yes.  We understand that some do not wish to broadcast themselves LIVE on a webcam site so yes, we do offer Video only Modeling.  You would be required to submit a sample video for consideration.  Minimal length of 2 minutes.  Video submissions can be emailed directly to

When would I get paid and are there any other options than PayPal?

All performers receive a payout at the end of the month.  Make a profit that month and get a payout on the last day or weekend of that same month.  There is a threshold of at least $20 earned before payout is granted, otherwise, any revenue earned is carried over into the next month (and so on) until the threshold is reached for another payout.

PayPal is the preferred method for payouts as transfers are free.  Getting a PayPal account is simple and easy.  They offer a debit card so you can access the funds.   Or you can link an existing checking or savings account to have funds transferred and deposited directly.  If you wish to use another method, it can be discussed for feasibility however, there would be a convenience fee deducted from each payout.  The amount of said fee would be discussed prior to accepting the alternative payout option.

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Denver Fist + Denver Handball Club

What is Denver Fist?

Denver Fist is a training program for men who wish to learn the art of fisting/handball in a comprehensive, safe and friendly environment.  Primarily geared towards men who identify as “submissive”, Denver Fist is open for anyone to apply for on a case-by-case basis.  The basics are taught concerning hygiene prep, mental and physical preparedness as well as Foreplay (which is part of physical preparedness).  Sessions are setup in groups of three. What happens during these sessions is only discussed during the first session.  The second and third sessions are support sessions to reinforce or advance (practice) from the first.

What do you consider good candidates for this type of training?

Someone who has been trying to get fisted but has been unsuccessful for a variety of reasons.  Those experiences shape the direction of the sessions.  Those who have fantasized yet not experimented with fisting are okay but they require more time to instruct since more attention is needed in their case.  Being or willing to become more comfortable with anal sex is mandatory.

Do you accept anal virgins?

First off, you would have to answer the question of why you want to be fisted as your first experience?  I would strongly suggest starting off with anal toys such as dildos, plugs, beads, etc before venturing to something as advanced as fisting.  If you need help in that department,  I have a preliminary course in Anal Expansion that may be available but requires certain criteria to be met.  If this is something you wish to discuss further, fill out the Denver Fist Application or Contact Form.

Do you train Fisting Tops?

Normally no, but I do make exceptions as long as you have an experienced fisting bottom to use for practice.  I have worked with couples who wanted to learn together which is challenging but rewarding as well. Consideration for these exceptions are on a case-by-case basis.  But you may inquire about it.

What is the Denver Handball Club?

Denver Handball Club was originally formed back in 2006.  It was just a small fisting network with local area play buddies from Recon, Asspig and other sites.  For about 3 years, we had semi-monthly play parties and invited new local and out-of-towner hookups to the group.  Keeping things small and private meant that the quality of the men involved were higher.  We all knew everyone’s skill level and safety was never an issue.  Plus, all participants always committed to showing up to a scheduled play session.  I introduced training for newbies who needed to gain experience.

The kink site, Asspig, allowed everyone to network with others and the certification function became a great way to advertise ones viability as a play partner.  Successful hookups made on the site would turn into potential new members for DHC.  The format for the club focused on networking with trusted, reliable fisters and fistees.

Are there any new DHC parties being planned?

Unfortunately, a few of the buddies who originally helped start and run DHC have moved out of state. Eventually, because of  increased responsibilities at my job and my own extracurricular activities,  scheduling the play groups became less frequent.

Finding others willing to help out with logistics proved fruitless and as a result, in 2009, the Denver Handball Club became defunct.

In 2012, I started getting inquiries about DHC and whether I was still doing play groups.  I put a post about it in on the Asspig forums and received responses from men in other surrounding states such as Wyoming and New Mexico who were definitely interested.  I decided to try and get back to basics with the concept and restart the club idea in 2014. Keeping it small and hopefully seeing the idea take off from there.  Its always been my impression that most men want to come to the party but don’t want to take the time to develop anything beyond the physical aspect of fisting.  As interest continues to grow, I hope people can come together and have a great time with each other.

Who knows, if there’s enough momentum, we could see our first major Fisting event right here in the Denver area. I did know at least one established fisting organization was interested when I shopped around the idea a couple years ago.  If you want to attend a party, the best way to do this is to show your interest by filling out an application.

As of 2014, Denver Handball Club is now part of Denver Fist.  Any new group parties will be billed as either Denver Fist Club, Denver Fist Party or DHC.  This was mainly to address an issue with branding with an actual local Handball sports club of the same name which has since been resolved.

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Black Sovereign University

What is Black Sovereign University?

Founded in 1999, The University (BSU) was an educational program initiative rooted in the strict belief that Black Superiors should be served with 100% reverence, effort and devotion.  We sought to break down the mis-education of countless potential Lifestylers through the teaching of principles designed to ease the transition from ordinary leemings to enlightened souls who know true freedom.

Mentorship opportunities may be available for those who need one on one counseling and guidance.  Most information you will learn comes from the blog articles, the rest from group chat sessions/seminars and purchased mentor sessions.

What is the purpose of the Black History section?

To honor the Black race, you have to know about our history.  Our struggles and our triumphs.  The color of our skin is just a cosmetic symbol of our Superiority.  We are the mothers and fathers of humanity.  Our superiority comes from generations of wisdom and perseverance.  Some of Us are born with the desire to lead and rule over all that is before Us.  Others are born with the desire to serve.  Learn more about our heroes and their important contributions.  This area also covers the lesser known African American Holocaust.

What is the Conference Room?

The Conference Room is a private group chat room used for mentor sessions, group seminars and occasional members only chat sessions.  Any scheduled chat sessions or events will be posted in the Upcoming Events section located in the footer of this site.

What is contained in Black News?

There is so much out there that doesn’t get media attention.  Especially when it comes to the Black community outside of activity related to crime and poverty.  This section displays current news topics from the United States as well as the rest of the world, particularly Africa.

Is Self Study a course?

This site started as a blog and thus the knowledge freely shared on it is considered Self-Study. There are over 200 articles that cover a variety of topics.  Some are categorized, others are not.  The best way to benefit is the start from the beginning.

Preliminary Course

Currently, not available.

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Black Sovereign Media



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