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Sir, Although this is not truly an inquiry, I wasn’t sure how to contact you directly.

Be certain, that I type this message with an increased heart rate, which is likely due to the fear of saying the wrong thing as well as my level of intrigue, respect and yes awe at the work and insights you have put forth.

I’ve only discovered you a couple of days ago and have read through your site a couple of times. It is probably likely that nothing more will come of this communication other than my contacting you to say thank you for your courage to be free.

I suspect you know how life gets in the way of living. Regardless, let me give you some insight about who I am and my nature.

I live upstate NY. I’m 60 years old, 5’ 11” 175lbs. I have a 30yr old white boyfriend since the last 3 years and said “relationship” is still unfolding.

I was established as being undetectable positive in 1992 and have remained so ever since, with a viral load less than 20. I’m healthy and physically fit.

I’m not rich by any means nor am I poor. My work is a mosaic of jobs. I write and speak about the ego and human relationships as part of what I do.

I read most of your posts and identified with your faggots and sex slaves post. I liked it because of the simple truth of how the initial focus is always sexual in nature.

When I was young, I would have never even considered sex with a black man. Not from a judgment perspective, but because they didn’t seem to turn me on. But slowly through my twenties living in NYC, I observed all types of black men, from the thugs on the subway to the suited Wall Street types.

At some point in my early 30’s, I think at a sex event with beer and pot behind me, a black man came up to me, put his hand on my shoulder and pressured me to my knees. His big hard uncut cock was in my face almost immediately, and I’m not sure if it was fear or attraction but I started to suck. His taste and his scent and the way he handled me made me melt even as it seem to waken a part of me I was unconscious of.

Since that time, to the extent that I have been able, all my sexual experiences with black man put my sexual liaisons with white men and boys to shame.

Yes, to submit and be used and humiliated by Black Men does something to/for me that I’m still trying to find words for, and I’m a writer!

Yet continuing with your faggot/slave post, I also liked your pointing out that a faggot can possibly progress to becoming a proper submissive and I think that is an area I would hope to evolve to.

So thank you again Sir BlackSovereign for your insights and writings and honesty. It made me feel good to understand that Black Men know what white faggots are for. The distance between us may be a deterrent, but maybe through your site, perhaps I’ll find Black Men who may wish to use me as they see fit.

white faggot rick


You’re welcome, faggot rick.  And, I am glad that my post has inspired you.  Maybe we can meet someday.  Anything is possible with a little effort, despite obstacles like distance.  I love reading personal stories of how a sub discovered their own personal truth.  Also, thank you for your donation.  It is appreciated and shows me that you valued my work through the gift of your contribution.

With that said… I do enjoy when I receive compliments, feedback and comments about the knowledge and thoughts that I choose to share online.  Despite my broad ranging popularity over the years, I rarely hear directly about how much my contributions are appreciated.  I have close to 90 people subscribed to my site but only a handful have commented on any of my posts.  Even fewer have taken the time to reach out and say thank you. What I do get are many requests to help someone find a Black Dom in their area as if just because I write  and share posts that benefit subs, that I must also offer a FREE referral service to any and all who contact me.

Number one… I don’t know you.  Number two… are you local or visiting my area and wish to submit to an inspection? Number three… why the fuck would I refer anyone I have never met thus can’t be vouched for?  That’s like purchasing a car online without actually having seen or inspected the vehicle yet expected to trust on good faith that it will be delivered in the condition advertised (if at all).

Who does that?!?

Subs, please TRY to use Common Sense when seeking to taken seriously.  That’s all.


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Thank you for your continued support of my work and efforts.

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