Black Sovereign University presents:

A Failure To Launch

Most people who fantasize about indulging in the Lifestyle are tortured by the intense need to explore and the fear of upsetting their daily routine.  People who have constant fantasies about the life they want to live and experience will want to find opportunities to make them a reality.  Some are successful in doing so while others fail to seal the deal… sorta speak.  Submissives sometimes get so excited at the thought of having an opportunity to make their wildest dreams come true that they forget something extremely important.

Factoring in their limitations.

There are those who want contact with a Dom but are unable to actually serve.  This is the most common scenario of all.  And the most frustrating for both parties involved.  I can personally attest to many instances where I’ve chatted with a potential sub who seemed ready to take that next step.  Even going as far as directly asking for the opportunity to meet and promising total submission only to disappear on the day agreed upon by both of us.

No email.  No phone call or voicemail.  No text.  Nothing.  Just silence.

It is at that point that you start to realize you wasted hours, days, weeks (sometimes months) of your life on a wannabe sub.  A pretender.  There is no comparison to a “green” or “inexperienced submissive”, as they almost always offer no follow through.  And, worst of all,  no respect.  So you are left with a bad taste in your mouth.  This affects not only the Dom but the sincere subs out there who are ready and willing to prove themselves.

Now, because of ones failure to launch, those subs have to work that much harder…  and increasingly, with fewer options.

Some Doms may actually give up on seeking another sub after going through that scenario a few times.  No Black Dominant wants to be treated as jack off fodder for the entertainment of the white man’s fantasies. Whether that was that subs intention or not is irrelevant.  Their actions made it relevant.  We’ve been in that role long enough throughout history.  We’ll be damned if in the 21st century, we continue to allow that to happen.  As a sub, a non-black sub,  you need to learn to understand the very people you say you admire.  You say you are attracted to.  You say you wish to serve because its your rightful place.

Well, if all of that was true… why can’t you just do that?  Why disappear without a word or explanation?

Words have no real meaning without real intentions.

It’s okay to have fantasies.  Just don’t reach out to a Black Dom to fulfill them, unless you are fully prepared to follow through.

It’s okay to have concerns and fears.  Just don’t reach out to a Black Dom unless you are prepared to share them.

It’s okay to have a career, friends, family and obligations.  Black Dominants have them too.  Share them with us so that a mutually beneficial arrangement can possibly be worked out.  Just don’t reach out to us thinking we can become your dick on the side.  Show us the same level of respect that you do with everyone else in your life.

Or, don’t reach out to us at all.


Course Series:  Submission 100