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Establishing Your Brand

For nearly two decades, I have been asked by other Black brothers who were coming into their own; what was the proper way to get your feet wet in this Lifestyle.  Well… there is no proper way.  What worked for me may not work for you.  But, I will share with you some suggestions.  Approach this Lifestyle like anything else in your life that you worked hard to achieve.

You must learn to play the “Game”.  Life is just a play with no rehearsal, as my mother use to say.

If your goal is to find a submissive bottom, who also knows his place, to take of your needs sexually then you need to make it easier for them to find you.  Establish your brand.  Create an online presence on the most popular sites.  In essence, put yourself out there.  If you build it, they will come… seriously.  They will.  The biggest complaint or frustration that most submissives have is the difficulty in finding Black Doms that are into male submissives.  And, we know all know why that is… but it won’t be discussed here.

Post a photo.  I give this advice to subs but this is true of you as well.  If seeking ANYTHING on the Internet, you have to have some kind of visual.  Doesn’t have to be a face pic but do post SOMETHING.  A huge part of why I have been successful is that I have a well-established presence online.  I have never sought out a submissive, ever.

They always found me.

In my opinion, with the ratio of Black Doms to submissives, you shouldn’t have to do much to attract attention.  Just cast your line and wait for the fish to take the bait.  Fish won’t bite unless you provide the bait to attract their attention.  Once that bait has been spotted, they are drawn in like moths to a flame.  All you have to do is reel them in once they take the bait.  If you choose to as whatever happens is always on YOUR terms.

Ok, now that you have created your online persona and profiles; it is time to define what your terms are.  Think long and hard about this.  What do you truly want?  What do you find attractive?  What turns your on?   Those three questions comprise most of what those terms will manifest as.  Only you know what you want so go for it!

Cast your line and see who bites.

Now, the most difficult part.  Dealing with insincere, disrespectful, so-called submissives.  The best way to deal with these opportunists is to ignore them.  There is always those bad apples out there who just want to exploit you in order to fulfill their own needs and lusts.  Some just don’t know any better.  Others, their actions are almost always deliberate.  Frustrating?  Yeah, I know.  Especially if you put any time or energy into getting to know them.  Over time, you learn to spot the signs that you are being played but I’ll share some tidbits to help you avoid most of it.

Do not answer any questions about sex, unless you initiate it.  ‘Nuff said.

Demand proof of identify upfront.  Those who hesitate, say no or come up with an excuse as to why they don’t have one… delete.  The worthy ones will do what you say as a way to show their subservience.  They will want to earn your trust and to provide a good first impression.

Do not ask for anything other than what is reasonable.  As a sub is working to earn your trust,  present yourself as someone trustworthy by not requesting anything beyond what is doable.  Part of your Brand is legitimizing your status as a Superior Black Male Dominant.  You do that by not becoming an opportunist yourself. There is a difference between taking advantage and testing the waters.  Fish are easily spooked when the bait doesn’t act like bait.

Set down communication rules early.  You “test the waters” with a prospective sub by stating how you wish to be contacted and then seeing if they comply as requested in writing on your profile or post.  I don’t know about you but when I clearly write what I expect to receive from an interested sub and don’t get it,  I delete their email without a response.  I don’t care how “hot” the sub is from their photo (if one was even provided or present on their profile). I figure if you can’t follow simple instructions then its not worth it…  well, maybe for a good one-time fuck but that would be it.  Faggots can have their uses and although they can and usually will piss you off,  it may be worth it just to get your dick wet if you like what you see.  But, that’s up to you.

Again, these are only some of the suggestions based on what has worked for me in the past.  You may not use any of them choosing to develop your own but if they have given you some insight in how you wish to approach everything, then I’m glad that I took the time to share.

Establishing your brand is crucial in the digital age.  I started out during the early 90’s when AOL was just becoming a thing and very few people had or even could afford personal computers.  And, I’ve watch it all evolve in positive and negative ways.  So, just be careful.  Do not get discouraged when you go through a bad experience.  There is always a good one waiting to make it worth all your hard work and efforts.

And, one more thing.  I strongly advise recording the nickname, email address, photos and any other information about the bad apple subs you reject or were disrespected by.  Keep that information and share it with your friends and other Doms you come across.  More times than not,  you may end up helping a brother out by sharing your experience and information which could potentially help avoid having the same experience.

I have helped about fifty Doms, over the years, avoid subs who probably could’ve been right for them but because of their disrespect, caused them to lose out on those opportunities.  I’ve also referred a good number of them, as well. Something most subs don’t think about.  A little respect can go a long way as a smart sub know to NEVER burn their bridges, just in case a referral to another Dom becomes a possibility.  Those who do are idiots because we DO talk. Once a sub has been disrespectful, there is no guarantee that they won’t be to the next Dom.  You.  So, why take the chance?

Karma most definitely can be a bitch.


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