**Original post: July 2012**


I had one of my local service subs pick up a few things from the supermarket before they began their service time. The sub asked if I needed anything more than the two items I requested and I said the majority of the grocery shopping was already done by my slave. He then asked if I had forgotten to tell my slave to pick up the extra items and I said no, he forgot.

The look of confusion on the subs face made me smile. Justin has been serving me for the past 3 weeks. Although he is married and can only serve on weekend mornings, he has incredible attention to detail. He asked how can a sub miss something so simple. And I allowed him to read the text messages I had with my slave concerning his oversight.

I wanted Justin to see the results of my training. I decided to share with the site as well for subs to see from the words of a fellow sub how real this Life is for those who choose to commit to it…

**Me:** Dave you forgot to buy me a fresh loaf of bread. And you forgot to pick up the peanut butter as well. You know damn well to make sure all items are checked and restocked in my pantry if they are out. I guess I’ll have to go out and replenish those items myself since I obviously can’t trust your ass to do it.

**Dave:** I’ll pick up those items and drop them off when I bring the limo down to pick up those people tonight Master.

**Me:** Don’t fucking bother. I’ll have Justin pick them up before he comes over tomorrow morning. I see that I’ll have to create a grocery inventory list for you to check off from now on.

**Dave:** Okay Sir, understood Master. I apologize for the inconvenience.

*(I never replied back)*

**— the next day**

**Dave:** Master I realize that inconvenience is not the issue. I begged You to take me on as Your slave and to train me in Your service. My position as Your owned slave goes far beyond sub or servant. You and Your needs are desires are far more important than anything else in my life. I know that my “forgetfulness” has been a continuing problem that cannot be tolerated. You should not have to use Your valuable time for mundane tasks like making grocery lists for a slave who knows better. I regret my ineptitude and disrespect towards You, Master.

**Me:** The guilt is worse than any punishment, isn’t it? I’m glad you understand the consequences of your actions.

**Dave:** Yes, Sir! Thank You so much for responding Sir! I couldn’t sleep last night when You didn’t reply back. I can’t stand when you are upset with me, Master. I know that forgetting those items was a small thing but You have taught me that serving is more than just following orders. It is submitting my will completely to Yours and putting Your wants first. This is not an excuse but I have been dealing with the basement remodel and it took away from my focus when I was performing my weekly chores. It will not happen again. That is my promise to You, Sir.

After reading the texts, Justin got down on his knees in front of me and said “Sir, I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve you. I will endeavor to never give you a reason to ignore me or dismiss me. I only ask that you forgive my imperfections in advance. I will treat each encounter as a blessing and make sure that you know how much serving you means to me.”

It’s times like these that make all the work I put into developing and searching for the right subs worth it. You either want to serve and do it right the first time or you don’t. It really is that simple. Even a sub who has only known me for 3 weeks was able to figure that out.

**UPDATE: 11/23/12**
I was asked recently if Justin still serves me and the answer is no. He was partnered and although I worked with him on scheduling, he could no longer adhere to our agreed upon service time due to issues with the partner who was an abusive alcoholic. He was told to get rid of that toxic relationship but since there are children involved; although they are grown, he still felt trapped financially. Horrible place to be when you finally discover who you truly are… and realize you are not free to indulge in satisfying that part of yourself.

Oh well… on to the next.