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To use this feature requires an existing Google or gmail account or you will be prompted to create one.

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Requires phones running iOS 7 or higher.

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Instructions on how to use the above donation/tribute options


PayPal is an electronic payment processor that allows customers to send money securely without divulging your bank information to the merchant. You can use this service even if you do not want to sign up for an account of your own. Making payments with PayPal is free of charge for the buyer. The person or business receiving the money is responsible for paying any PayPal transaction fees.  Likewise, your donation to Black Sovereign is also free of any transaction fees.  In other words, it is FREE to send money.

Please use the fields already provided in the PayPal donation section above.  Step two for Non-PayPal users will be where you will find instructions on how to proceed from there.

Non-PayPal Users

1. Click on the PayPal link on the merchant’s website. Depending on how the website is designed, you may have to choose a “PayPal” option from a payment type selection screen, then click “Continue” or “Submit” before you can move on to the PayPal payment screen.

2. Look for a section on the payment screen that reads “Don’t have a PayPal account?” You should see a link titled “continue checkout” somewhere in this section. Select this link to open the credit card input screen.

3. Enter your personal information, billing address and credit, gift or debit card information into the appropriate lines on the input screen. Click the “Review Payment” button when you are done.

4. Review the payment details displayed on the screen to make sure everything is correct. If you need to edit any of the information, click the “Change” button at the bottom of that section. When you are satisfied that your credit or debit card information is accurate, click the “Pay Now” button to finalize your payment.

Things Needed

  • Credit or debit card.
  • Gift cards can be used as long as they are vendor network cards (ex: Visa, Mastercard, etc).


PayPal Users
  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Send money to a friend at the top of the page.
  3. Type the email address or mobile number to whom you are sending money, and the amount being sent.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Review and confirm the information on the screen and click Send.

Click here to read the Legal Agreements for PayPal Services

Google Pay Send is a peer-to-peer payments service developed by Google that allows people to send and receive money from a mobile device or desktop computer at no cost to either sender or receiver.

Google Wallet is now a part of Google Pay. The apps on Android and iOS is now called Google Pay Send.

You can use Google Pay to send, request, and receive money from other people. It comes in handy for tasks like gifting or donating money.

If you’re already using Wallet, you don’t need to do anything to get started with Google Pay Send. On your device, your app will update to Google Pay Send. On web, you can send and receive money using

Please send any donation or tribute to my Gmail address.  If you do not know my email address, contact me directly for it.

Where you can send & receive money

  • United States:  You can download the Google Pay Send app on your mobile device. On your computer, you can send and receive money using
  • United Kingdom:  On your computer, you can send and receive money using The mobile app isn’t available in the UK.

You can send money other ways

Peer-to-peer payments and stored value transactions are processed by Google Payment Corp.  Please click here for the Terms of Service.

For frequently asked questions, click here.

Amazon Wish Lists are a great way to keep track of what you want, and sometimes get great gifts. You can create many lists both for yourself and to remember gift ideas for others.

If you cannot decide on a gift to purchase, you may also send an e-gift card valued at least $25.00 USD or more instead of purchasing an item.

To purchase from a list:

  1. Browse the registry.  


You can sort list items by title, date, price, priority or purchased status by choosing the desired option from the Sort and Filter pull-down menus.

  1. Click Add to Cart or Buy with 1-Click.  
    • You can click these buttons from the list page or product detail pages. When you order, the item will be moved to the Purchased section of the recipient’s list.
    • If you place your order through the Shopping Cart instead of 1-Click, you can enter a gift message and request gift-wrap.
  2. Continue shopping or proceed to checkout.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.
    • Only the registrant’s name and city will appear on the default address to protect the privacy of the list owner.
    • If you’re purchasing an item from a seller, the default shipping address will only be available if the list owner has enabled third-party address sharing. Otherwise, you’ll need to know and enter the shipping address.
    • To mark a seller item as purchased, click the Buying this elsewhere link next to the item and follow the instructions in the pop-up.